Man, I absolutely love the wraith


In games I always seem to be drawn to the cheesiest, most rage inducing characters, where even if I lose I know I made the other players lives hell for a half an hour. And nothing fits my dream better than the Wraith with a maxed cdr reduction perk.

Cause it gets goofy.

Sometimes I don’t even care about winning. I’ll just take one point in warp blast and two in decoy and just wait to be domed because I know the hunters will never be able to kill me. 99.9% of the players in this game don’t have the skill to follow the Wraith’s traversals, and even if they do I’ve got decoy on like a 6 second cooldown so I can just warp blast behind a rock and throw one out, then get armor while invisible. Nothing feels better than dragging out a game to 30+ minutes, especially if I’ve yet to evolve once throughout the entire thing. And it’s not like the hunters can just give me time in an attempt to run out the clock, cause then I’ll just evolve to stage 3 from all the snacks I’ve eaten on the run and stomp their faces in. The hunters need to be constantly chasing me, and unlike the goliath and behemoth who are stuck on the ground and the kraken who is slow as hell, there is no risk to me dying as long as I go up in the air and run around.

Sometimes after stalling out games I just get waves of hate mail and hear people raging in the in game chat even when they win, but that just makes me laugh because they didn’t have the skill to win in a timely mamner. This monster is the best addition to the game by far and is the reason I keep playing, and the best part is, no amount of numbers and damage nerfs is going to change her power in stalling out a game because she can move so fast from one hiding spot to the sky to another hiding spot as she chooses. No amount of damage nerfs will change how long it takes the hunters to find me after I use my abilities, hell, they spend more time as it is trying to follow me with their camera than shoot me.

Truly TRS was thinking about players like me when they made the wraith, and for that I salute them.


gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8


How cute one of these threads.


Nah m8 this is srs bsns. Got like 7 replays of 20-30 minute games without going past stage 1, I’ll post a few of them later today when they finish uploading. The wraith is the best troll monster out there



Man haters up in here, obviously must not be skilled enough to shoot a moving wraith. Obviously this is the way Wraith is meant to be played otherwise why would it be in the game?