Man holds his dog that passed away from smoke inhalation


Oh my little heart can’t take it. :cry:


This is not why I go to this website, or 9gag.



I hate when animals die.


Stop, it’s too early in the week to start feeling. I hate it when dogs or pets in general die. You can tell that this dog was this man’s best friend.

Unfortunately, smoke inhalation is actually a bigger danger than the fire itself. When fires break out in places with low air circulation, smoke inhalation knocks people out long before the fire even hurts them. There are companies that are developing small, powerful filters to suck in smoke for 5 minutes and I hope they become as widespread as smoke detectors to prevent situations such as this one.


Poor pup…

Poor guy…

God DAMN these feels…


:cry: Why!!!


Fun fire fighter trick. If you have a hose with a mist setting you can hold it to your face and use it like a breather.

My cousin taught me that. He is an actual firefighter btw.

I don’t think that’s going to help you seeing as you will most likely be in a building in a fire emergency but if you ever have a working water hose for whatever reason it will work.


How dare you kidnap me to the feel house


I refuse to feel anything.

cold heartedness intensifies


Super sad. Animals don’t deserve any of this :frowning:


cries in the corner WHY CAN’T WE MAKE ANIMALS INVINCIBLE continues to cry


My work computer won’t load these images, so I don’t have to view them.

I’m glad that I can’t.


Too soon for me…


Wow you bummed me out for the day :confused:


I was not prepared for these feels when I came here.



What kind of creep would take a picture of this?


Photojournalists…they provide necessary service despite the sometimes cold implications. Maybe if more people saw what real humanity looks like, and real evils and real war and real joys…we’d make this world a better place.



Its necessary to invade peoples privacy, in their moment of heartbreak?

All I’m saying is if someone decided that it was a photo-op, while my wife and I cried over our son w/o permission, (not saying he didn’t give permission to use said photo’s) then I would… They wouldn’t be taking pictures anymore.

Photo journalism is important. But time and place man. Death isn’t a spectator sport. Just my opinion.