Man-eating plant triggers trypophobia


I understand if other people don’t understand this minor issue because they don’t have trypophobia. However, for me, it is very unpleasant when I find and look at the plant. The (unnecessary) holes on the plant’s body really irritate me and deliver severe urtication during game.
Again, I know that all the balancing issues, profile reset bugs, leaderboard issues, etc are more important than this, but please respect the feedback as well, even if it seems insignificant. There are 900 million people who suffer trypophobia on earth, and I’m quite confident that these people will have issue when seeing the plant during game as well.

Just, please paint the holes on the plant green when all major issues in Evolve is dealt with. Faster painting is more appreciated.

What this game needs is a truly terrifying monster

900 billion? I think you mean million cause their isn’t that many people on Earth.
Also I feel sorry for you. I hope that you can somehow find a way around this. Maybe an option to have the graphics changed @MacMan ?


Oh I mistyped it, thank you for the correction.
Is there a way to send a message to the developers? I recognized some people used @‘name’ to do it, but I’m not familiar with it.


If you shoot it they close. So that helps.


Try a pm. That should work.


I consider myself to have Trypophobia… Seeing things with lots of holes makes my skin crawl and I feel sickened… But the plants don’t bother me, I guess I just have a different branch of it…


I’m going to leave this right here…

Trypophobia[1] is the pathological fear of objects with irregular patterns of holes, such as beehives, ant hills and lotus seed heads. Thousands of people claim to have the condition,[2] but it is not recognized as a condition in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) or other scientific literature


Isn’t Trypophobia not actually accepted as a thing by basically any medical people worth listening to? I think most people just see those disgusting images of those weird skin diseases or whatever, and say " Oh, I’m afraid of holes now ". I don’t exactly love looking at those either, but holes in general? I find it hard to believe one in ~800 people are scared of irregular holes in things.


The man-eating plant triggers your trypophobia, but the giant lotus-seed-pod growths covered in giant holes doesn’t?


The American Psychiatric Association is full of shit, and nobody takes anything they put out seriously. They don’t recognize dozens of proven and legitimate mental disorders, usually because at some point in the past one old conservative member decided it wasn’t real, and the current useless twats don’t want to change anything.


Welcome to the New World. A place where every foible and idiosyncracy we have is now a mental illness or medical condition.


It does, but since the Man-eating plant is more visible due to their threatening abilities, the giant plant you showed me is actually bearable compared to the plant (still very gross though). And… I don’t want to just wine and say “change all the environment graphics because I have trypophobia”. I pointed only at the Man-eating plant because of this reason.


I am not sure that the APA doesnt recognise it. In my Dsm 5 book it is listed under 300.29


Just figured a lot of people coming to this thread wouldn’t know what it was, so I put a definition up.

Wasn’t trying to argue with anyone. Calm down.


Phobia- definition:
an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

I wouldn’t call very unpleasant “extreme”. A game CAN’T be made accessible to everyone,it’s just that simple.

I don’t see people with agoraphobia complaining, I don’t see people with entomophobia complaining, I don’t see people with claustrophobia complaining and I don’t see people with a million other common phobias that the game could induce complaining. I’m sorry, but no one will fix the game so a person with trypophobia doesn’t feel “unpleasant”.

Plus the plants are supposed to be yucky, I think there’s even a Val voice line complaining how the plants are making her sick with all the pulsating.

In short: get over it.


Not that I’m disagreeing with you, but when’s anyone in the game subject to claustrophobia?


Inside caves for one. Like the ones on weather control or the dam. You could also be pushed into a corner by a Goliath. I’d say it’s pretty claustrophobic,especially since you panic anyway since a giant beast is pounding you into a wall and you can either see the wall or the beasts body. Crowds of people can induce claustrophobia,so does this :stuck_out_tongue:


I understand what you are saying but I think it is kind of an exageration to say nobody takes anything they say seriously. I agree that ICD is much better than DSM but here in America we still use the outdated ICD-9. In some ways DSM 5 is better because of how much more current it is than ICD -9.


I suppose. Claustrophobia is more like " very small confined space without exits ", but I guess there’s varying levels of intensity.


I didn’t just whine about the problem and say “fill up the every single hole I can see in the game”. I especially, only pointed at the Man-eating plant because its presense is more strong than others and it certainly has a possibility to trigger the phobia to others who never claimed it and are ashamed of bringing up the topic like this. Doing that is exposing their own weakness to the public.

And the plants are supposed to be yucky? Why? Who said that? Oh, because they are ‘unknown wildlife?’ It is still made by graphic designer’s hands not the God, so they can be changed whenever they are needed to and because of whatever reason.

I’m not complaining like “I have acrophobia so make all the maps flat’ or 'Because of my nyctophobia the maps should be daylight conditions”.

Does painting the holes green make you unpleasant?