I had to deal with this. It was hell! :scream:

Yes those are all Mammoth birds.

And no. That wasent all of them. Estimate of Mammoth Bird kills that game: Around 30


Oh sweet baby Jesus.


This is a sad sad day in Evolve.


Look on the bright side. They’re all dead.



But thats the thing. I was Lazarus…



…You didn’t. Tell me you didn’t.



Who knows? Maybe the survivors do. If there were any. :smirk:


Mammothgeddon should be a map effect :smiley:


Totally agree! :smiley:


Last Night I dropped in as Hyde had one strike and very low health. this mammoth bird ran straight at me ;~;


Imagine that. Nothing but Mammoth birds as far as the eye can see!


Someone has a problem with Mammoth birds. ^.^
Or did the mammoth birds have a problem with you? ^.-


Actually it was the Tyrant on Refueling Tower that keeps dying to the damn things that had a serious problem.


One time I started a game as parnell and the drop ship dropped me right on top of 3 of the wankers. It’s fun starting a game on 25% health. Ended up running into two of them later. They proceeded to zap me from either side in perfect unison. I didn’t go down thanks to healing, but this all happened before we even found the monster.


The Mammoth Birds… Always the ******* Mammoth Birds…

The only upside I can think of about them is that it’s fun to know both the Hunters AND the Monster have at least 1 common nemesis.


Choses Hyde, sees mammoth bird,


Hey, is that Montana? (Easter Egg, it is Montana)