Mammoth Birds are pure evil


I don’t know about you, but I find it annoying as hell losing so much health and armor to the damn things. Can their color be changed to orange instead of yellow when highlighted? Those damn things are ballsy enough to attack stage 3 monsters. :monster:


Working as intended.


Hyde is the only one who knew their purpose, the spawns of Satan themselves.


Agreed, most vile wildlife in the game. Would rather fight nomads and tyrants.


You call them mammoth birds. I call them… dinner. Seriously, best three meat out there.


Basking Cephalodons are pretty good, though they cannot be pounced.


That stumped me for the longest time…I thought it was just a glitch


The only thing I don’t like about Mammoth Birds are how the AI runs right at me and zaps me, or it runs away from me, and STILL zaps me


Pretty much reason I purge them from existence.


I love it how they sometimes run away, hesitate, and go “nah, bro, I’m gonna zap that monster in the face while he is eating the corpse of my buddy I was standing next to. Nothing to go wrong here.” then they slowly make their way back at a slow mosey of a pace, and I’m eating over here like “don’t do it. Don’t you do it. I’m telling you man, don’t do it! STAHP!”…then they do it.


Second worst next to Dune Beetle.