Mammoth Birds are Confirmed to be Nazis


So what was Adolf Hitler’s supposed master race?
Blond, white person with blue eyes.
So how come TRS has made the mammoth bird so similar to that description? Don’t believe me? Then look at this!

Look at this mammoth bird at behold the proof!
A yellow top of the head. You could call it, BLONDE!
And that grey body, why is it such a coincidence that grey is a shade of WHITE!?
And the eyes, they may be brown, but that is just camoflauge my friends. TRS didn’t want it to be too obvious that the Mammoth Birds are Nazis.
I have laid out the facts Earth, it’s time to wake up.
@MacMan knows, he knows the truth. It’s time for him to tell the truth.


I’m going to close this down before anything occurs. No offense to you @Bear_Stream and I’m sure you meant well, but things like this can go from funny to… well… horribly offensive in a matter of seconds. We try to keep a handle on things that might start wars, and… well… world wars.

Thanks for your understanding, my friend, and may fish forever be inside you. Bear… stream… Oh I’m just too funny.