Mammoth Bird rage release thread


So yeah. The name kinda says it all…

Mammoth birds are like the trapjaws for hunters!

Just docile till u get close and a group of them can infact INCAP you!
For f*cks sake they are about the same bar as tyrants.


Avoid the Mammoth birds? You mean shoot to kill


I have a video of a Mammoth Bird killing three of us as hunters. I’m gonna upload it later.


Story time.

Wraith abducted me into a pack of mammoth birds.

Shoot them you say. And aggro them.


What annoys me is when they run away the exact way your going and then go BOOM1/4 health gone or when your fule runs out and you land in a group of 4…


Mammoth birds? Reavers pls.


Problem with me?!?!


LOL, I think the problem is with how people handle mammoth birds, or possibly their programming.

When I have to cross one now, I try to walk past it. They seem to react poorly to jetpacks&noise. I’ve walked past a few without incident. Not sure if it’s just luck… or what.


Yes that’s what I’m doing very often… :imp:


They hide under the guise of innocent grazing creatures that supposedly “avoid” you, yet should you jetpack/jump/move/breathe/walk/exist near them they make a beeline straight towards you and zap you with their doom tentacles of pain, suffering and ungodly voltage.


Continuing the discussion from Just had my first draw:


mammoth birds . . . a pack of five can taze away a entire health bar for a monster. engage at range and only at your own risk


Mammoth birds, when you accidently scare one and they start to run away… thowards you.


Just as a side note I’m going to try and have a pack of Mammoth birds join the fight when were fighting the monster. Does the Dam Map sound like a good idea?