Mammoth bird OP (proving ground semifinalist) looking for trapper or monster!

As the title states mammoth bird OP (now with new name) is back ! And we’re looking for either a monster or trapper player with good communication skills to join us to complete the synergy again, if your interested in introducing yourself and trying out please add and MSG GT F3ARDEATH
WE ARE A HIGHLY COMPETITIVE TEAM and looking for the best


10 chars

Xbox one ,
Put GT for gamer tag

Are you guys EU or US?


And are planning on doing esl Tommorow as well

Though i would like to join your team i already have one on pc… But i just got an xbox one and evolve on it and i am a monster player so we could maybe do some scrims next week if you want. I do want to play competetive on xbox aswell and sometimes if you think i am good enough i could maybe sub for you sometimes. Good luck tommorow an hopefully we can maybe play some fun games after that next week! :smiley: Happy hunting!

Awesome, alright man . Add my GT and message me

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