Mammoth bird OP (ESL QUALIFIER WINNERS) wants to skrim YOU!


We love playing and practicing with good monsters , we have 3 separate builds as well to give you a very diverse set of challenges , , if your a good monster (not a cocky one) send my GT F3ARDEATH a msg and will setup a time for skrims, you must be actually decent and not just run pubs and think you are , GB / ESL monsters preferred but if your high in the leaderboards that works as well , ESL rules will apply . Thanks guys .


IDK if im all that good though, Ive fought premades sometimes and today I was fighting Justiice V today and someone I believed to be he his friend, And I used wraith, about halfway through the game He left :confused: so did his friend, but I main Kraken but hes too op right now :c


Its cool that your team is scrimming forum members! I’m afraid I’m not even near good enough to play your team but it sounds like fun.


OP or not it’s still practice , we don’t mind what monster you pick , we played kraken all through the entire tournament , just send me a message on xb1 and will set something up .


ill be on in an hour or so


Freaking fear


Mammoth birds aren’t OP… They’re UP. I say we buff their movement speed, range, and then make them chase you across the map. :smile:
Our lovely overlords won’t kill me. I’m too kind to them.


:facepunch::facepunch::facepunch::sweat_drops: Dam it corp not here lol