Mammoth bird is OP please nerf


Today I saw a mammoth birth electrocute a tyrant. Obviously mammoth birds are the strongest creatures in the game. Pitting a mammoth birth against a stage 3 monster is like watching Muhammad Ali beat down fat guy number 64. This is clearly OP please nerf.

(The mammoth bird killing a tyrant part actually happened xD)


Well I’ll be damned


taking health damage at gamestart when you try to attack two of them as wraith

preorder cancelled


I actually once lost as a Goliath because a random pack of 6 mammoth birds swarmed me as I was escaping a fight with the hunters, and straight up bursted my remaining health bar to death. It was amazing and terrible all at once.


they made them better since beta. that and wraith stage 1 is worse


Sometimes I think I would rather fight a stage 3 monster than a desert nomad.

Docile my ass.


just get round the side of them