Mammoth bird is illuminati

Mammoth bird has 11 letters in it. Mammoth bird is 2words, 2+11 is 13, Mammoth birds are evil, evil has four letters in it 13-4 is 9. Mammoth birds have tentacles. Tentacles have 9 letters in it, 9+9 is 18. Mammoth birds are bigger then reavers. Bigger had 6 letters in it 18\6 is 3. You know what has 3 sides? A triangle! You know what is a triangle ? A sign⚠? You know what’s a shaped has a three sides triangular sign? Illuminati!! Coincidence, I think not. Need more proof Mammoth Birds are dinosaurs. Dinosaurs has 8 letters. Mammoth birds are eletrtic. Electric is 7 letters.8-7 is 1 you know what has one eye? ILLUMINATI!!! ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!


I’m sorry I was bored😐


People love stuff like this, no need to apologize. ^.-

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Galactoid’s apprentice?

Soon to be his protégé, I should think.

I knew it! No wonder these wildlife kill more monsters than any other wildlife (Fact)

Illuminati confirmed!!!


Wrong, wrong and wrong. Illuminati is Mammoth Birds.

It seems that @Donut has been replaced.

I’m ok with this


Fun fact, one time when playing with my friends the character selection glitched and instead of a hunter name it put me as an Elite Mammoth Bird.

Mammoth birds are members of the Illuminati. I am an elite mammoth bird, therefore I am a member of the Illuminati. The Illuminati’s symbol is a triangle. Triangles have three sides. My username is DarkMesa, which is a reference to the Half Life games. Half Life 3 confirmed!

Donut is 5 letters
Illuminati is 10 letters
10/5 is 2
5-2 is 3
3 sides of a triangle
I am still Illuminati

Didn’t understand most of your speech >.<
but I saw Half-Life 3, so it must mean something :bucket_salute:

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