Mammoth Bird invasion mode


Monster and hunters must team up to fight 1000 charging stampeding mammoth birds that want to shock the shit out of you.


People seem to hate the mammoth birds lately (more than usual), something happen to you all recently? ^.-


Band wagon :smiley:


You want to team up and face a horde of mammoth birds? Sorry, but that’s OP. Please nerf.


Mammoth Birds are the epitome of evolution on Shear! Can we start a Mammoth Bird cult? Everyone else has one…


Well actually i belive that theyve gained hate because of all the agressive wildlife mammoth birds seem the douchiest . Attacking you while staging up, running up to you and shock you for no reason., will stop at nothing to shock, killed ghostrobo in big behemoths stream, etc.


Mammoth Birds aren’t considered aggressive wildlife I believe, they attempt to run.

But yes, they are the trolls in Evolve. ^.^


No they literally will run AT you instead of away from you most of the time. Ive actually witnessed a mammoth bird run into a reavrer cave and slaughter them…it then walked out gracefully…( no fucks where given that day )


They actually run to you sometimes, so they are both offensive and defensive


Maybe their unpredictable nature is what makes us love them so much.


I will not bend my knee to those things.


What about a Goliath? ^.-


Goliath bends his knee to me. I am his sovereign.


Someone needs to make a picture of a Goliath kneeling in front of a blue rose. :smile:


Man I hated mammoth birds before it was cool.


No they don’t run, they attempt to cut you off and they are very good at it.


So… give mammoth bird the ability to dome and we have very good trappers?


That is because a tooltip says do not approach mammoth birds they are harmless and plenty of instances I am standing around and all of a sudden that mammoth bird is charging at me instead of away from me.