Malfunctioning AI Monster(Monster Idea)


I know a few of you probably already thought this up but Ill do my version here.

Name: Aberration, Singularity, Sentinel, or XI-2988(Xenomorpth Intelligence + random numbers)

Description: One of the scientist at shear was designing a robot to analyze, copy and fight the monsters but thunderstruck or something bad happened and the AI went nuts. The AI gathers organic materials and energy from the wildlife at shear and processes it into armor,flesh, “nanites” and uses it to evolve.

nanite cloud: shoots a ball of nanites which slows and dmgs anyone who walks or jetpacks into it. basically a large area that slows and leaves a dot effect maybe even blurry vision.

Rail thunder/plasma : Massive electric/plasma attack shoots at a pre-selected area in a line from the right arm or tail. give it a charge time and a whirring noise should be dodge-able. its supposed to synergize with nanite cloud. shoots through walls

whiplash: basically the left arm or tail is a nanite tentacle which cleaves from left to right in a small almost melee cone and grab’s the first hunter it comes in contact with which then can be tossed into another selected area. leaves a dot effect, if tossed to another hunter both get the dot.

OverClock: The monster becomes stationary and then begins to overheat the area around him for a period of time. he can still use his other abilitys he just can’t move during overclocking. deals huge area dmg in bursts.

here is a few pictures for inspiration.


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