Male Wraith


Are all Wraiths female? Cause I was thinking and the thought came across my head, “If all Wraiths are female, how do they reproduce? Do they reproduce with Kraken and Goliaths? Are they all the same species? Are the Wraiths asexual?” Maybe Im thinking to much about it but I wanna know what a Male Wraith looks like. Thoughts?


They’re not all female. They just look a lot like they have a human female torso. That, however, means nothing about their gender.

Rewording: It’s not because it looks female to us humans that it looks female for its species/native planet.


they are all the same invasive species but no one knows how they evolve into the 3 genome types. well 5. we know of behemoth and an egg-layer was mentioned in the dialougue. sounds to me very xenomorph esque.


But the Devs refer to them as “She” and “Her”. And typically a species has noticable differences between both genders.


The devs have also said that monsters don’t have confirmed genders. It’s only called “she” due to her feminine looks.

Also, I’m curious to know if there is sexual dimorphism with monsters or if they all look very much alike. And furthermore-- We don’t even know if the monsters even HAVE genders. Everything so far leads to believe that they are made artificially.

Edit: Here’s the quote in question.


Monsters are all genderless and all the same species, they’re quite the mystery. I imagine them all as drones coming from…



I always figured that the alpha monsters (the ones you play as) have a specific gender and all the other monsters can be anything.

Well that’s my theory anyways!


They do not have any gender confirmed.

But they look like they do to the colonists, and that means to us.


Abe asked the other hunters as to why the wraith had human breast/boobs.

I believe all the monsters are genderless because they are biologically engineered and dropped off to Sher by an unknown entity.

  • this is based on what I’ve heard in ingame character interactions.


Maybe the only Wraiths we see are just female, how do we know they don’t follow the same mating rituals as some spiders and praying mantis-es (manti?) do, and the female just eats the smaller male after she’s been impregnated? Maybe the males stay with the young? Who the hell knows.

Males are probably much weaker, so they don’t fight. Or genetic engineering is what created these mutants. Hell if i know.