Making Stealth Viable - Great Ideas Inside!


It seems like stealth is not a viable option for the monster as the hunters are often just on your tail. I feel like a couple of changes can make it more healthy if implemented together.

[1] Make Trappers Scan a cone about 1/5 or 1/4 of the map.
-This now makes the ability require some skill/luck which aligns itself better with the other classes abilities.
-This allows the monster to not be constantly identified. (Potentially, good trappers aside.)
-Adds value to tranquilizer darts, sonic traps, following footsteps and just plain observing.

[2] Make Wraith Abduction have bonus damage based on range.
(@60-80% range +10% DMG, 80-100% range + 20% DMG)
Numbers are made up for example.

-This rewards the wraith for staging a proper ambush.
-Abduction becomes a nice tactical move instead of an awkward way to almost kill a hunter and then get domed.

[3] Slight time increase / Food requirement

-Monsters with more time are able to stealth walk/ fake paths without wasting time not eating or getting chased -> domed.

-Monsters that don’t stealth don’t get easy evolve. Monsters that ambush properly (and are not rush eating) get energy killing hunters.


Ew. Wraith doesn’t need a buff. Now just generally a viable new playstyle for all monsters in general? That could be cool. Wraith doesn’t need something exclusive though.

Rest of it I can SORT OF agree with. ACTUALLY! I was just thinking about it. It’d be easy as crap to do what you said about Scan. Simply remove the ‘I can see you through walls and shit’ part from the Trapper Scan. Done. Then they simply have a vague direction you are going. You still get the ping that you’ve been found, and can adjust accordingly. On the hunter side, the only thing that’d need to be modified is changing the time the ping stays active. Maybe make it a simple 1 second burst. Not enough to make it a ‘lead you by your nose’ but enough to make it a good hint, and nothing more.

Honestly, I’m not really a fan of getting snuck-pounced by the Monster, so… I really wouldn’t enjoy a new chunk of the metagame getting turned into that, then Wraith’d be an even bigger bag of crabs to play with.I honestly hate pounce, never used it and don’t plan to, and I REALLY dislike getting pounced. So… yeah… ew…

But I agree with the darts / sonic trap / thing.

Hunters are too slow for footprints to be viable.

Honestly, I think making the matches more elongated would be fun, if done properly. Right now they feel sorta rushed. Even though downing a monster before stage 2 can be absolutely wondrous, like a surge of dopamine after a good run, Where you feel exhausted and shakey, but you’re excited, you accomplished something and pushed yourself. It is an almost hollow surge, leaving like a weird bitter taste like… ‘I just did that to someone else, and I hate HATE when it happens to me… ew’


The problem with stealth is the FT3 that comes with it. The way stealth is now is perfect IMO, enough to still juke hunters, but not so much that you can completely avoid hunters


Stealth is still viable, the only way to counter a monster stealthing after a planet scanner ping is to spread out, which in itself offers opportunities to the monster.

Stealth in short and considered bursts, I’m seeing jukes happening most games.


No no no no! This game dont need stealth!


True, the pace of the game is pretty good now but I feel like the scan really devalues the trappers’ unique abilities. Nowadays hunters use the scanner to find the monster and occasionally use their unique tracking to find a monster hiding inside the dome, which feels a bit off to me.

I’ve been thinking they could do with tweaking the scanner so it lights up the compass quadrant the monster is in then making the trapper use their skills in the narrower area to actually find the monster, rather than just being a fat arrow straight to the monster. That way the character select actually matters and impacts the way the game is played outside the dome like it used to. I miss seeing Griffin and knowing I had to take things slow and careful…


The scanner is suppose to point the trapper in the right direction. Otherwise good luck using Griffin/Abe to find a monster before it reaches stage 2.

It’s not meant to replace a trapper’s form of tracking. If you solely rely on it then you will always be going to where the monster was, and not is.

That is the major difference between planet scanner and a trappers ability to track.


I had multiple Griffin games yesterday where soundspikes meant we were on the monster before the planet scanner was back up. People downplay a little too much the usefulness of Trapper abilities in this new meta.


I agree with the part about removing the Trapper’s wallhacks during the the planet scan. Not being able to see the monster getting ready to turn around around or start sneaking would provide more opportunities for juking.


I understand that’s the design behind it but in practise I don’t feel like the trapper abilities do enough in comparison. Before Stage 2 I’d play the game depending on the trapper - Griffin? Sneak. Maggie? Haul ass. Now it’s all hauling ass and I never even consider the differences between trappers until I get harpooned. Might just be because I’m not playing ranked, but that’s how it feels to me right now. Daisy is just an extra health bar that can rezz.


Heavy stealth games = boring games for 4 out of 5 players.


Stealth giving bursts of usefulness is fine. Stealthy having the potential to give you a completely free evolve because you got past the hunters when one looked the wrong direction for a second. Not fine. This is hands down one of the biggest things that killed evolve for the masses.


No it isn’t what killed the game. Those of us who were there left due to OVERPOWERED hunters because they couldn’t get the balance right in the end.

I say that as playing hunter and monster.

There’s more Hunters on this board than Monsters. Now that’s expected, the game offers playing on mic with three mates, or playing solo and potentially getting rekt. Some gamers in no way will even entertain potentially failing miserably (like those who only play vs ai with friends etc) so they would never, ever play the monster.

The majority voice IS the hunters who are happy at the moment that they can harass a monster player round these four small maps, not really lose it, and often have the game continually in their favour.

That’s what Stage 2 is, that why SO MANY of you are enjoying it, until the monster wins of course, then Monsters are OP. Monsters are unbalanced etc.

Until Hunters have their win percentage through the roof, they will cry for everything else to be nerfed to the ground, and Turtle trying to game the numbers up will appease you every
time. You’re killing the team you’re meant to be playing against though.

When Monster players have finally had enough, the game will die again.

When I play hunter now. it’s boring. It’s a mad dash all over the map. No real tracking. It’s split up spam scan and hit dome quick as ftw, and you’re all enjoying doing it.

Until you play a wraith that is.


This was what, When the game launched or soon after?

Towards the time right before Stage 2 when Evolve had a peak of 200 players was when FT3 and stealth killed the playerbase slowly. This problem was the RESULT of OP hunters.

Monsters wanted to increase their chance of winning, so they would get as strong as they could.


This was before then, and you know it was.

Stealth stopped you and three friends steam rolling a player. This game was never made for that. Was never marketed as that. That is though, what a majority of you want.

I’m seeing Hunters trying to tea bag dead monsters now. There’s no care for balance here. It’s what wins quickest.

Who are you trying to kid?

The moment the new FPS fans here, hear that the planet scanner or auto dome will be adjusted they will be complaining on here in a heart beat and back to Call of Duty before you can fart!

No new Monster players are going to stick around being your whipping boy for lulz. You are all having a great time for now, but it won’t stay that way.


Go read covers for the game.

Go watch streams and youtube videos of what people complained about.

Go look at steam reviews.

One of the BIGGEST, absolutely most common complaints you will EVER see- Is “Evolve is a running simulator”.

Players got tired of endless chasing monsters for 20, 30, 40+ minute matches- only to finally see it and really fight it at stage 3 at the relay.

Those of us who STAYED past this point- may or may not have left because of balance, but lets be honest- Its really only .0001% of the people who played this game who ever REALLY understood balance in the first place.

As someone who has been active on these forums since the game basically launched, this really isnt true. theres a far closer mix of “hunter mains” vs “monster mains” than the 4:1 game would lead casual speculation to believe. Not counting the hefty population of us around here who enjoy both roles heavily, and want it to be fun for both sides.

Any way you slice it, keeping the game exciting for 4 out of 5 of the players playing the game, is probably a GOOD thing. Heavy stealth games are, for most people, boring for 4 out of the 5 people playing the game. Thats a bad thing. If the game is “in their favor” because they can keep track of the monsters and chase/apply pressure and continue to keep them in combat- The solution is to buff monsters so theyre capable of dealing with this applies pressure and make them viable in combat- Not bringing back a mechanic that made a terrible experience for 80% of the people in the game.


No and no again.

This game, THE WHOLE GAME literally needs the monster.

Do you understand that? It isn’t Evolve without an EVOLVING Monster.

Irony is no new MONSTERS can evolve!!!

Why do you think so many ran to picking Wraith?

I’m still reading Hunter bias, and it’s b/s.

If something isn’t done, the game will be dead. It will stay dead this time.

It isn’t fairly balanced.


Holy wowsers batman. No- I had no idea :open_mouth:

It all makes sense. In evolve. you NEED monsters! God why didnt i understand this before? Thank you so much for clearing this up. This has been such a moment of clairvoyance. My eyes- You have opened them. Its all so clear now.

Why not? Is their V Key broken?


IMO there needs sth to be done with planet scanner. It either needs to have a cone of use as OP stated. Should be only available to the Trapper to see, or needs to have a slight error and only show the location at the moment of launching it.
It’s too good of a tool to track the monster atm.


You left out a few quadrillion zeros.

I love Emet AND Kraken :emetoh: :blue_heart: :kraken_stare:

And likewise, the WHOLE game needs hunters to kill the evolving monsters. The only difference is that you need 4 hunters for every monsters.

She got major QoL changes, as well as the fact that she can take advantage of new players as hunters.

But people like her and enjoy playing as her, but she has no stealth. So stealth needs to be added back into the game so monster players will stay?

Yeah… 1 problem isn’t going to kill a game with 30k average players online overnight. Even then, new players will always file in because F2P…


I know 1 problem that will kill a f2p game

Make it frustrating and boring 90% of the time for 80% of the players playing the game.