Making Offensive Support's More Viable


so… supports have an issue, it’s been in the game for a while: the ever present dominance of those fancy shields. Of course, steps have been made to help this, but defensive supports will be always be more viable simply for the fact that they provide a strong backbone.

I’m not saying that we should not have offensive supports, i love them very much, but they need something to help to provide a backbone, TRS hinted that they were testing new abilities for support.

so… I thought this would be a nice place to post ideas (although i think i remember already seeing a thread like this)

My personal thought is a Rogue Val like HB of dmg reduction, but when popped it is a personal cloak (keeping the last man standing survival rates and providing a backbone)

P.S. first thread of mine, so i’m still trying to nail down formatting


I disagree. They are the ‘safe’ pick because if your team can’t dodge then the defensive team is useful. If you have a team that is good at roaching/dodging then the defense team isn’t as strong. The Offensive supports are more risk/reward but I wouldn’t say less viable because of that. Offensive support teams need a good team, defensive support teams just need a good support. Face tanking for value…


One single buff towards offensive support except for bucket

will destroy stage 1 monster if the doom placement was great

If there is a way to make offensive support damage differ per stage that would be good

Most players think offensive are UP because they can’t stand a chance against stage 3 monster

Offensive support has higher risk / rewards . If they didn’t do most health damage they will have lower chance to win


For me personally it’s more of a worry of any skilled monster bursting your med down, jetpack won’t last forever and TRS is hinting that they want to extend engagements for the monster so it may be worse soon


That is definitely true for the level i play at, but you throw in a team that can dodge and a nice slippery hank and that team becomes fairly hard to kill.

a cabot with a dodging team is still good though, don’t get me wrong, trading for strikes with that insane burst is a fine trade for me, but that’s me.


Theres only one offensive support.


we all have different definitions of the support’s roles, i personally think all are different and can’t be grouped under 2 terms, but those are the most common i hear and i thought it would be simplistic :slight_smile:


Cabot / Kala / Bucket


In 9.0

Hunter will be able to dodge 4 attacks instead of 3 This is a good thing for offensive / player skill

Medic (rogue val / emet / laz) work pretty well with offensive support … they have abilities that can protect them


@Potato but realistically bucket is the only offensive support but to each there own in there definition :slight_smile:

@Lmk cobat and kala are harassers


i view bucket as area denial, cabot as straight up de-buffing the monster, and kala is somewhere in between (having map control and a harassing ability)


but back on topic, anyone have ideas to give offensive more backbone, or are we all just waiting on TU9?


But what if medic is targeted? All it takes is a JP to run out and then monster can down and kill medic. Defensive supports are there for if it happens. Hank can offer great burst damage, where Cabot can’t do damage when amping the monster.

Sunny allows shielding while she is fighting/boosting as well as the drone protecting her just like how Hank’s orbital can protect him.


They need to offer more support In the form of Hunter support. If Cabot gets a JB with cloak then he can help medic more. If bucket got DR then he can help more.

The offensive supports can’t offer much help, and since monsters fight back, it’s not as easy as “damage damage damage”.


why not just make the class ability a thing that shields all teammates in a 100 meter radius


I’d rather have DR instead, since Hank and Sunny both have shields, and since assaults do too. DR won’t make them invincible, but some sort of punishment should be placed on monster for continuous targeting.


Well that’s why he qualified it with if your teams is good at dodging. The medic I play with is fantastic at kiting Monsters.


This is true but the risk is usually not worth it because defensive supports can still output a lot of damage when not required to be defensive. Monsters can also counter offensive comps by fleeing til 3 when they have the most health, armor, and damage output to burst down the medic.

The problem is deeper than just “you need to git gud to play offensive comps and win”.


Which is why it’s considered a high risk/reward. If you have a solid medic dodging and cabot is amping and the assault and trapper are doing it right that is great burst damage. Burst damage forces the monster to trade more HP for a strike or helps putting them on tilt as they just took a massive HP hit and it encourages pressure towards the monster to allow your team member to get away. If a monster is great at mitigating then you have very few windows to do damage. That is where a high burst damage team excels.


I always thought that offensive supports were high risk/ high reward. If they got buffed, it would make it mid risk / high reward. It’s fine where it’s at, trust me I’ve seen dirty Cabot Parnell Slim comps.