Making my own 3D Daisy


Here’s a quick sketch I did of a more stylized Daisy; I might tweak a few proportions as I work though. I also need to make her front claws stick out more.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of making my own Daisy for a while now, and I have time coming up to actually do it since work has calmed down. I’ll be modeling, texturing and rigging her using Autodesk Maya/Mudbox and Adobe Photoshop.

Check out my Twitch and follow if you want notifications for when to watch me work on her:

I’ll keep posting updates here as I progress on her model, too.


Gold Daisy or Riot!!

I hope this goes well because I would definetly like to see Daisy implemented in your unique vision!

@MidnightRoses hates Daisy [Logged]


I like it, though @MidnightRoses probably won’t.


Hmm. Well, the claws, yes. Another thing, increase the sagginess of the belly by about 9000% per cent, at least. The legs need to have a lot more bulk- and I don’t mean muscle.

To help you out, here’s a completely accurate depiction of Daisy:

And one of her trying to steal from Crow:

Jokes aside, VERY nice! :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing it. :smiley:


Nice! Daisy needs more fan art and such. I look forward to your updates.


Too bad she’s lacking in game… <.<


You mean her functionality? Eh, she does her best and she’s adorable. So, I don’t mind. Watching her parachute out of the drop ship, pant at me with her head cocked and changing her skin color is never not entertaining. Props to the animation lead on her.


She always falls 30-100 meters behind me… It gets so frustrating. >.<


I love how she kicks her back feet out behind her during the drop!


Thread bookmarked. :smiley:


I was able to get the basic body shape done earlier today; I’m just cleaning up some topology now around the head and neck area because it’s not flowing right yet.

I generally get the body at this point before I stream/have ppl watch because it’s really boring getting to this part. It’s actually starting to look like something besides a stump with legs.

I’ll stream some work later tonight and then play some Evolve so I don’t get rusty.


lol I’ll make a gold version just for you


I like that idea. Make her match the monsters! :smile:


@aboatman Your Daisy sketch is adorable!! Can’t wait to see the rest.


HYPE!! :smiley:


Awesome! I’m still working on the robot you read about and this is awesome to see! You got a lot of work done faster than I did and its really cool to see that you’re making your own version of Daisy :smile:

Good work and good luck!


I can speed through organic modeling no problemo, but give me a hard surface object to model like your robot and my brain goes to mush lol


Well I tried a hard model off the bat lol. After my attempt at the robot I think I’ll try doing an organic thing. Something… more consistent with its angles xD


I am super excited to see this that is the cutest damn Daisy I’ve ever seen!


Ha, yep. I like how she runs in place for a bit before she starts tracking. Like she’s running against an invisible starting gate.