Making monsters feel like actual bosses with sound



Hey guys, new to the forums here but been a somewhat long-ish time Evolve player and i’ve just recently returned with the new f2p model, loving the booming player base, its a big difference on what its been.
One thing that kind of irked me for a while is the sound design for the monsters.

Design-wise, the monsters are unique

Gameplay-wise, the monsters hit it dead on

Sound-wise, not a single monster, except the Elder Kraken actually make its fights feel like a battle of the ages. The only reason I say that is the sound clip for his Death Spiral, its eldritch-esque screech stands out from any other sound I’ve heard in Evolve and gives the monster character unlike Elder Kraken’s standard counterpart.

I wish Gorgon sounded more of what she is (a giant spider) but greatly amplified. She has such a bony body i’m surprised that i’m not hearing the cracking and clacking of her limbs, but only a almost unnoticeable sound clip that randomly plays, where it’s just her mouth making the noise, or her short front arms, but otherwise she just has fat and heavy sounding footprints akin to a Goliath. You guys said somewhere before Gorgon is the most disgusting/ terrifying monster made yet, that’s definitely true, but she certainly doesn’t not sound terrifying and that’s just an example of what I think should be changed in some aspect of Gorgon, other monsters have their own problems that I won’t mention since this post will be long enough already. To be honest I couldn’t even explain how the other monsters sound like to someone else, other than naming its number from the list of generic roars and growls (sorry), Elder Kraken is a true terror from the depths.

You guys, Turtle Rock Studios, should really invest in your sound design because not only would it make the monsters unique and indoctrinate fear in hunters, it could also very well help hunters to react if a monster is attack from outside their view.

Correct me if i’m wrong, I play very very little as a hunter (30 hours at least as monsters, 32 hours total playtime), but I think the hunters rely on the HUD/ UI too much while tracking or fighting monsters, it’d bring more of a unique aspect of Evolve out in a subtle way.
Like Overwatch for example when heroes use their ultimates and they shout dialogue, could add so much more immersion and life to the game, how many times have you though “DUCK AND COVER!!!” when you heard McCree saying “It’s High Noon”? I fail to count to be brutally honest. The few times i’ve played as a hunter, never did I feel as the monster being a immediate threat, at any stage. Though if I play Elder Kraken I feel like a brutal god and just because of the damn great single sound clip of the Death Spiral.

One off-hand idea was to also add a some form of unique music tracks, dynamic tracks maybe, to each monster and as a fight would progress longer than the average skirmish, the music would intensify and really bring out the blood and sweat from an intense fight between man and beast. I’m thinking of tracks up to the intensity of Dark Souls or MGR: Revengeance where the songs match the opponent and dynamically matches the moment in a battle from its start to its bloody intense middle and to the triumphant end. I’m kind of surprised that even at Stage 3 when the Relay is vulnerable not a single track plays when that’s the definete point in the game where either side is going to lose.

What do you guys think? Sorry if my post is hard to read. I really hope you guys read and consider this greatly because this could very well add so much to this game.


It is a brilliant idea, though the devs would have to balance the volume well, because the effects could either be loud enough to nerf the monster’s stealth or so quiet they don’t make any difference.


Really good post dood.[quote=“Alatreon, post:2, topic:89971”]
devs would have to balance the volume well,

Alatreon brings up a good point but I know it could be done. Hope this get’s a lot of good feedback.


i love your suggestion novaturien! i remember there was music on legacy evolve during a fight, but on stage 2 TU9 there isnt, i wonder what happend? it was instances of drums and peaks of intensity, now is just silence.


Glad you like it. I honestly don’t remember there being drums in legacy evolve, but even if there was it sure didn’t leave any awesome fight memories or anything of the sort


I really hope so too man, I pulled an all-nighter thinking on ways this could work and just writing what I did


I think the simplest solution to the volume problem would be simply not playing these sounds until there is actual combat between the hunters and the monster, though it would be thematically weird.


I feel that they could add it so when at least one hunter would ping, since people love pinging crazy, then the music would trigger, whether it be the monster making an entrance or hunters going hot on a monsters trail, though that one would probably too buggy to implement, but something of the sort should surely be possible.
If it just resorts to the monster ability sounds just get reworked to have a similar feeling like Elder Kraken’s Death Spiral does, i’ll be content
And maybe some music too, even if its a track :stuck_out_tongue:


Heck, they could even make it so that when the monster evolves, the roar is much more powerful and causes the hunters’ vision to go blurry for a second. And just as they regain their proper vision, the roar still echoes around…


It’ll be difficult to implement but i’m almost sure it’d be possible. Maybe base it off some % damage dealt to either party


I think the monster sounds are fine where they are at. The monsters are simply monsters, not bosses. The visual effects make the monsters more than the sounds do.

To each, their own opinion, but there is no real reason to redo the SFX for each monster. It would just be a waste of time, imo, that TRS could be using on fixing bugs, improving the game, or creating new content.


That’s a great idea, maybe make birds fly or trees shake
Though evolving while playing as the monster is a lot more anti-climatic, its a bit of a bummer each monster except Gorgon have a somewhat unique evolve animation and maybe Goliath with his fire breath. (All of the rest just being bubbles while Gorgon sort of emerges from black goop) But Gorgon shedding her skin/ molting though would be cool since spiders do that.


This would be improving the game. The monsters just being monsters don’t cut it because I feel like i’m just a stronger Elite wildlife than a completely unique entity in the game that stands out as THE threat rather than a threat.
But yes, I do understand where your opinion on TRS improving the game lay, and believe me, I wholeheartedly agree.
But of course, all it is is nothing more than a suggestion