Making leveling much more enjoyable


Hello guys, im a big Evolve fan!

I would like to suggest a very small change to the leveling system in evolve.

Of course leveling isn’t the purpose we play, just a number to show how experienced we are at the game
Eg.Level 1’s are noobs and 15’s are more experienced

But i really think thats quite boring, just numbers, My alternative was once reaching a certain level Maybe 20?
There would be pictures/rank’s

Eg corporeal(with a small golden line),…lieutenant(small silver symbol), Its much more eye appealing and really gets you playing just to achieve that Berserker rank, with a Bloody axe, and when you see that guy in ur game, you think “man hes Freakin’ good”

Its such a small update, That would just make playing a lot more enjoyable, so when you finish ur game ur not lvl 21 instead of 20, Ur a to speak my words “corporeal” Just something that i think would be really cool,

Please give ur opinion, What do you think.

Thanks for the support!


As you level up you do unlock new badges which you can customise.


That has nothing to do with what im talking about, Thats a whole different thing.


Every military FPS does this. It would not be anything new or different.


You wanted a picture? Where do you want that if not the lobby?


Once again, you strive to talk about other games, and completly ignore what im saying, please leave, You clearly cant read.


I read it. I disagree. I think they system you are requesting is very bland and over done.


I guess this was you just being polite.


Again, Ur clueless. Giving ur meaning less input. I would like real people to comment, Not 5 year olds. Thanks. Bye.


By looking at all ur posts you have made on this form, Really shows you are the cancer of the internet, Please read them, and think to your self. “Why am i such a condescending asshole”


Why would Evolve have corporals and shit?


It was an example as they could make a unique rank’s, Loos as though you cannot read either.


Why would Val have a name like Berserker?


I feel that badges are good for this. Most are level unlocked. Some are hard to get like the ones from the evolve app, I feel they show enough.


No. Why would I be?


How would a rank, Change the characters name? LOL?


No no no, You said that there should be something like Berserker as a rank name, by name I meant rank name.


Lets do it like this for you…

“Wow that Val’s a Beserker rank”


That name wouldn’t fit her personality though. So I think badges are enough and clearly visual. And military ranks are overused


Fit her personality? I have nothing left to say, im done LOL just done. im tearing this is so funny reading ur comments.