Making Evolve better for the future


As we all know evolve needs some serious changes or fixes shall I say to make sure this game lasts in the future I just want to list off some ideas that could really improve the game overall. Mind you these are fixes to improve game quality for newcomers and vets I will not be talking about stuff like new modes and maps or T6 because that really doesn’t matter if people cant even enjoy the entire time playing evolve.

  1. Fixing the ranking system: We all know there is some serious problems with the ranking system in evolve, playing 9 matches and winning one point in each then playing the 10th match loose then you are subtracted 10 points basically all that progress was just wasted, since they’re plenty of threads for the fixing of a ranking system I wont go into detail but simply put the amount of points youn earn should be based on your preformance in game counting in many factors that went into wether you won or loss, of I loose by a slim margin playing say hunters in comparison to getting destroyed in 2min I should loose alot less points than the other.
  2. Overhaul of A.I monster and hunters: Plain and simple the A.I specifically for the monster and hunters are not challenging for any experineced player so in multiplayer modes they are a burden too the actual hunter players, what I suggest is too put in say a 3 part diffficulty setting, the one evolve has now just adjusts the damage output of the cooresponding side, for example in solo and custom online you can change the A.I difficulty form easy-medium-hard, also make sure that when in say quick match or ranked the A.I is always set to Hard difficulty to acctually give the hunters a fighting chance against a good monster. Doing this A.I overhaul will definetly portray more of a challenge for the online community and help out newcomers in solo as well.
  3. Adding more playable tutorials: This is mainly for newcomers, honestly TRS has not done the best job at helping newer players stand a fighting chance in multiplayer, thay just get destroyed and dont learn and especially with this games grand canyon skill gap this is essential for the community to grow. The video tutorials do a fine job at explaing the basics but extensive hands on experience is needed, I say there needs to be playable tutorials for the 3 base monsters and 12 base hunters each one doing strategies specifically for that character and showing the basics on how the moves and abilities work along with showing tips for that character, for example in how wraiths warp blast is invuneralble to mines or show the player trapping and tracking tips such as abe’s stasis/tracking dart combo in which you throw a stasis then hit the monster with a tracker then throw another couple stasis and repeat, doing this will be essential for helping the newcomes over the skill gap to avoid players suffering in ranked and their overall experience, also strongly urge the player when the first play the game with a message stating that the game is diffficult and takes time to learn and urging them to do the tutorials and practice in solo, just dont force it on them it makes it slightly less enjoyable.
    4.Option to reset leaderboard stats in hunt for either hunter or monster whenever we would like: This is a one that vets will surely enjoy when you play hunters and you get new players who in short SUCK and you lose multiple times that and you end up losing than earing more because of the broken ranking system, and then going down a couple of tiers and end up playing with more newer players whoi again in short SUCK, one would like to start fresh so he can play with peolple of his caliber and not with incompetent trappers who doesn’t know how a dome works or doesn’t know to use his intuition and cut off the monsters route instead of running in circles following the tracks, this is what exactly lead to everyone leaving in the first place incompetent players( there WERE many other reasons of course). It is very key that TRS does very well at making sure they teach newcomers how to effectively play all the the roles in the game, but anyways this option will surely give players a deservedly second chance.
  4. A free Weekend again but this time you get the game permenantly for free: It may sound crazy but this game is not sellling at a substantial rate at all TRS is relying alot on the community for support, this event will really give this game a fighting chance in player population perspective, other than release there has been no other time except septembers free weekend event in which the players base daily has risen to a high amount, this shows that even though the communities efforts at promoting the game and the significant changes this game has had that nobody is bying/playing it at a substantial rate, yes the community is playing along with few newer players but that is it, this needs to be done to permenantly reignite a large community spark back into evolve, but if you notice all of the thing i have stated here are essential for evolve and all of these things need to be done perhaps not as strolngly on the tutorials but still very high, and if this event is done these fixes need to be done as well, even if the event is not done these fixes should still happen they are still needed for evolves longevitly.
    This is the future of evolve here, if you care about this game I hope you spread the word in some way, so lets make it happen because this is whats saving evolve not new maps or modes though important they are not as extreme as these, these effect your experience and your learing on this game, so again lets make it happen.
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I think it should be free overall or just make the Ultimate edition "which is now a recommend for new comers " with a 30 dollar price tag or below, and put all cosmetic dlc at a stand alone permenant sale of 33%-50% of


Umm, no. Not gonna happen, TRS has no control over this stuff nor would 2K allow it.

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Hey there, welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling:

Just in case you’ve not seen them, check out this thread:

Also look at what’s coming up in the next major update for Evolve:

To Point 1 I think it would be great if you could read this post to understand how the ranking system works (it’s a common misconception that it’s a ladder you should be able to climb):

On point 2 Have you tried making custom games in Solo mode? In this you can actually set the difficulty by making the game more hunter favoured or monster favoured. You can also change many other variables, making it so hunters can have more or less strikes, changing the dropship timer, wildlife agressiveness, etc. You can really tailor your solo experience quite a lot!

On point 3, this is definitely something that people have asked for but it’s yet to be seen if TRS are in a position where they can add this in. It’d be a great addition to have more playable tutorials I completely agree

On point 4, again see the post I linked to above… the system isn’t broken, it’s working as it is intended. I don’t think the idea of a fresh start on an individual basis is a great idea… I’d be up for “seasons” whereby everyone has to re-rank themselves, or for other mechanics. But if you are being placed lower and lower, and I do understand the frustration that can come from this happening because of poor teammates, it’s because this is the level that you ultimately are supposed to play in because of the fact you choose to play with random people.

Ranked mode is definitely a more consistent experience if you can get people to regularly play with you ina team.

On point 5, I hope to see another free weekend, but I don’t know what 2k (the publisher, TRS are the developers and have no real control over price) will want to do on this. With the greatest respect you don’t actually know how well the game is selling, it certainly seems to pick up plenty of sales when the game goes to a reduced price, so I don’t know if 2k quite see the economic value just yet in giving up the game for free in any form.

TRS have said they have things afoot, they want the playerbase to grow again, and they are doing what they can to make this happen themselves regardless of 2k’s plans.

Thanks for the post though, it’s good to get your thoughts, I hope some of my answers or opinions help give more insight in to what’s going on!


Thanks for the response it seemed alright at first but i just wonder how they are going to get their auidience back.

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I think 2K and turtle rocks over confidence in the game at launch did it in (Also making the game free would be a huge middle finger to current evolve players)


I’m not sure I follow. Over confidence? What gave you that idea?


There questionable practices ect we all know the story…a more humble smaller game wouldn’t have done it due to not wanting to piss people off out the gate but they were too confident that the game would be a must have so they didn’t care about pissing people off (or at least 2k didnt care)


How do you mean pissing people off?


You didn’t see the shitstorm at launch? day 1 dlc unreasonable prices ect there were like 10 articles about it day 1


Day 1 DLC was cosmetic, anyone who actually looked at what was available would have seen that. In fact even bigger sites like Game Informer had to post a retraction admitting that they didn’t really look at what all the dlc was before talking about the total cost.

As for the prices, that’s entirely subjective. I had no issue with the pricing and and personally feel that they were fine. In the wake of season passes like SW:BF Evolve has some pretty reasonable pricing.

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$15 per monster tho? lol regardless of what anyone thinks the negative press definitely turned away a LOT of people again it came down to over confidence


Sorry if my response comes off rash. It’s just been suggested before and most people don’t like the idea.


I disagree on the over confidence, but I do think that misinformation at the onset did turn some people away.


The conversation about free to play comes up time and time again and I feel that people often mis-represent the realities of how it could work or not.


First off there is no way the game is ever going free to play unless 2K can be confident that the player numbers that install the game will purchase enough additional content that makes up for the shortfall of less people buying the full game at reduced or sale prices AND additional content as well.

No-one knows the numbers, but let’s say that Christmas sales and the ultimate edition of evolve sold to another 30,000 people cross-platform. This could have pulled in something like $900k dollars in gross revenue if the average sale price was $30. To do this on a free to play model they’d probably be looking at a per person sales figure of more like $15 on average (these are all hypothetical to illustrate a point). So the free to play model would then have to pull in 60k people instead of the 30k.

This may be possible, it may not, but ultimately 2k have all these figures, all the numbers, and all the calculations. They have people specifically employed to work out the most financially viable route forward for the game. Right now, the fact that the game isn’t free to play means that it most likely isn’t financially more viable to be F2P than to continue with regular sales.

##Not pissing off current players

People often cite that people would be annoyed if they paid for the game and then it went free to play. I have not seen a single game that has started as a paid game and then gone free to play that did not acknowledge that some people paid for the game already. This is usually done by giving people who purchase the full game a greater level of default access.

Yes, free to play means people can pick up the game and play without paying, but with how much? A sensible F2P model would see the current character roster much more restricted. Those of us that have paid would get everything we currently have (perhaps even some loyalty skins), those that haven’t may only be able to access tier 1 characters without paying for the additional ones to be unlocked. There are lots of ways that 2K can make the game something that continues to generate revenue for them, opens up the game to a wider audience, but also respects and gives benefits to those of us that paid already.


It has to be accepted that while the playerbase may grow this doesn’t mean that they’ll stick around. There are potentially other things that TRS need to consider when it comes to retention of players, about the difficulty curve of the game and how easy it is to understand what’s going on. The flip side of this is the community that has stuck with Evolve can be, unfortunately, very unforgiving of those that need to be forgiven and helped rather than castigated for daring to try to learn the game. This area is the actual, IMO, make and break area of any business strategy to go free to play.

This is a completely unfair statement. I don’t see how anything 2k did objectively was intended to piss people off.

There was no day 1 DLC unless you count cosmetics, but even then “day 1 DLC” is a much misunderstood concept by the general gaming community that are, with the greatest respect, ignorant about the realities of why and how day 1 DLC comes to exist

Yes, and who exactly held the “press” to account when they were misreporting the “cost” of Day 1 DLC (which was all cosmetic and completely optional) as if it was a cash grab against poor players? No-one. The journalistic segment of the gaming community ran rampant like wildfire without so much as a fact check or a call to 2k to get a comment or explanation.

That the community ate the negative press up without question, amidst other particular campaigns about how journalists act in the gaming media, says a lot more about the gaming community and it’s journalists than it does about the publishers IMO.


I think it was the general lack of content too tbh i mean if you look at other AAA $60 games like cod for example they offered soooooooo much more content for the money


No-one needs to get in to this discussion, what someone determines “content” to mean is entirely subjective. Evolve’s content was laid out and explained well in advance of release and so if people felt that the game didn’t have enough “content” for the release price then the onus is on them to be responsible consumers and not buy it.

Some of us don’t particularly worry about conventional story modes when looking at a multiplayer only game, and can derive a different viewpoint of what “content” means. You haven’t played for long yet, and maybe you won’t, but many of us on the forum still here have been playing this game for 500+ hours, some for 1000+ hours, and don’t feel that we’ve got close to finishing with the game yet, especially with all the extra content and tweaks TRS throws in over time.

If you don’t see value in a game that you can play for 1000 hours for (the highest cost package that included all currently released DLC of) something like $70-80, then that’s cool, but don’t pretent that a single view of what constitutes “content” is relevant to this discussion.

I will agree, of course, that it’s highly likely that most gamers do hold the view that for some reason you have to have a story mode in order for a game to hold value. I disagree with them but that’s their view… but they should just respect that the game isn’t for them and leave it at that, not get militant and spread bad words about a game. I pretty much hate sports games, but I don’t know that anyone would look at (for example) Fifa as a game and say it lacks content despite the actual gameplay and variation on gameplay being less than Evolve has. It’s all about what the “greater powers” decide will be a punching bag or not IMO.


With all the respect @TheMountainThatRoars I think it made it even worse. Many “cosmetic” - as you accurately pointed - skins, which were offered at not-so-cosmetic prices :worried:

I mean I loved Evolve from day 1. And its pricing was fully ok for me. But I imagine many ppl could get angry seeing blue gun for 3 EUR or so…


I am of the opinion that you have to have a story mode in order for a game to hold a $60 value and if you do only have MP you should go all out on it…12 hunters and 3 monsters i and many other people didn’t feel like was enough for the money and if you look at the game completely objectively you would agree (and im not going anywhere i like the game)


The prices were entirely in line with the kinds of prices they’d pay on any other game. Maybe they got confused because a skin pack for a character could contain up to 3 weapons skins but they didn’t look in to it hard enough.

Cool opinion, I don’t share it. It’s a shame those that didn’t share our opinion of Evolve couldn’t just respect that too and instead had to try and pretend that their view on what constitutes value should be law and to try and take a game down for it.

Edit: PS, “Objectively” doesn’t exist in this discussion, everything is about value, which is entirely subjective 100% of the time