Making Evolve better for the future


I NEVER pay $60 for a mp or sp only game @miles_mungin because i dont support that business model…if they want the full price then it should have the full package


The people that made the game put in the same amount of hours to create a fully rounded MP experience as another team would put in to make a single player experience. Why do you feel the need to disrespect and undervalue the efforts made by a team on an MP only game because of your personal preference towards games with a story mode?

You say you don’t “support that business model” but the only business model you’re therefore not supporting is paying people for the work they’ve done… which seems a little unfair?


That’s fair, but you don’t need the skins. They have zero effect on gameplay. I like cosmetics, so I bought a ton of them. But I didn’t have to.


Its nice to see a man stand by his values

Sadly the videogame market and a majority of the current videogame industry doesn’t agree with you. The new model has been to make quality product in either MP or SP for the target market

Dishonered, CS:GO, Battlefront, Evolve, R6 Siege, I could go on all day cause it’s pretty much the standard now. I personally would much rather have a quality product the CODS model of here’s a MP game and a shitty, short SP experience that a majority of you will never finish


I paid for evolve just not at $60 and i said mp AND sp only games



This thread shows how this game was 5+ years in the making. I don’t mind if you don’t want to pay $60 for an MP only game, that’s your choice and it’s great you picked the game up when it was on sale… but this company spent 5+ years of their lives bringing this game about. CoD makers will reuse old assets and old code to make a sequel with a story mode in the space of 1-2 years, yet somehow that business model is one more worthwhile of giving your fullest money to?

It’s your choice, I am not judging you for your decisions, I just feel you’re being unrealistic about what exactly the various business models entail. :slight_smile:


Of course its all new its a new IP @niaccurshi


Look I really don’t want to be seen as an asshole nor lumped with the people that hate the game (which would be tragic as I wanted this game to be huge) but 2K (unsure if TRS was in the same boat) reeked of overconfidence.

When you plop out a new IP with that much dlc BEFORE the game releases, priced and structured in such a way? PLUS microtransactions to “support the developers”?

That’s overconfidence. That’s counting your chickens before the eggs hatch. Hell that’s the definition of double dipping.

A SMARTER pub/dev would be careful and avoid being so brash.

Yes there were misconceptions about the silly skins (that and flat out ire), but it only happened because HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THAT AGGRESSIVE DLC PLAN. OH FUCK, LOOK AT THOSE PRICES. When you paint a target on your back people tend to use it.

I was going to be a day 1 player but 2K hit me over the head with a crowbar with that pricing.

I’m going to buy a game for $60 dollars (AND TAX AND/OR SHIPPING)…and I already have to think about the $25 season pass?

And then suddenly a second one?



Yeah, but we’re talking value right? I paid like $80 for the full PCMR edition of Evolve gladly, that equates to about $15 per year of their development (technically $12.50 since they’ve continued to develop for the last year). The business model I’m supporting is one of a fairly independently minded business bringing a new IP to the table with a great MP experience that has had me hooked for over 500 hours of gameplay.

AAA sequel franchises will take $60 plus another $10-20 for the DLC for reusing old assets, putting together a threadbare “story” and hiring a big name actor to voice and mocap a key role to give it some marketing clout, and only take a year or two doing it. For them I’d be paying $40 per year for the game they developed and continue developing for the DLC.

So if we’re talking about gamers getting value from the gaming studios, with one being a small studio bringing new ideas, that take time, and continuing to support the game in a big way past the 1 year mark… and another being a big studio churning out a sequel that it’ll stop supporting in a year because the business model is to sell another sequel next year which all the cool kids will move on to leaving the last game’s server barren… I just am not sure I understand why it is Evolve’s business model that you don’t support, value wise :wink:


Aggressive dlc plan and pricing?

I hope we’re talking about Destiny, R6, and the Division also. Cause those games each cost between $90 and $120 for their “Premium” experience that included dlc. As opposed to a game that cost probably $80 to have all the characters when they were released and most likely costs a little less than $70 now


You were given a bunch of pricing options by 2K and you decided to get offended by this? Why? Why do gamers do this to themselves? Is it FOMO?

You could have still bought the game day 1, but you didn’t… and why? Because you decided what 2k’s intentions were for them, created a bogeyman and then got scared by your own creation.

I respect the opinions of people that decided that the game wasn’t good value for them, like @DrFaker above… that’s a perfectly rational and personal preference driven decision. What you’re talking about here is utter nonsense, it’s looking at a Dev and Publisher laying out a roadmap of sorts, and giving you the option to jump in as an early adopter or not and then somehow turning that in to an assault on your principles.


Had console players gotten the HILARIOUSLY named (and doubly ironic when it blew up in their faces) Monster Race Edition I would have probably viewed this whole situation a little differently.

$90 for the game and two season passes (and some other guff) is better than paying $110 (without tax and/or shipping), definitely.

But that still doesn’t really fix the issue, innit? You’re (2K and company) still hitting me over the head with overpriced dlc before the game has a solid release date. I literally no’d when they did that cause A) $25? Really? and B) RIP community. I repeat, I wanted this game to be huge. Obnoxiously huge. BUT NOPE.

I remember waiting on pre ordering Evolve (was asking friends to see if they’d get it) when 2k kicks me in the face with those prices. It’s really disheartening that, for a character based co-op game, you’re asking for that much money for the characters when the game hasn’t launched. What backwards sense is that?

Why do gamers do this to themselves?

Why do publishers do this to gamers?, would be the better question.

It clearly blew up in their faces, why?

Cause it was overly expensive, overly brash, and overly narcissistic to expect your new co-op character based game to be a massive hit. My reasoning isn’t “bullshit”. I decided that I wasn’t going to support them because they already wanted more of my money before the game released. Why should I get it first day when I can just wait for the price drop/sales (and OHHHH did they came). It’s a perfectly reasonable decision that I made which worked out in the end.

These games need a good community to back them up, thus they (pubs and devs) need to treat them well. Not “well yeah we’re going to be amazing so here’s a lot of horribly priced DLC and microtransactions”

2K did the opposite of that and look where that got us.

I love Evolve, I really fucking do, but it had one of the worst launches of all time.

I don’t mind dlc plans, I don’t mind visual microtransactions. I’ve clearly spent a decent amount of money on DLC (hell i’m sure if I look at my spending history i’d also find some evidence of purchasing microtransactions for a skin in some game or another) and other such guff (used to be a huge CE collector but that has slowed down considerably recently). What I do mind is seeing a co-op game that will live or die by its community and their pub doing everything in their power to nuke that goodwill before the game releases.

Fast forward a year and look, us doubters were right. Although we knew that already. But no, my reasoning is “bullshit”.

Yes I saw that edit.


Siege’s “premium” version only gives you silly skins that you don’t need and other bullshit, while all the maps and CHARACTERS THAT PLAY DIFFERENTLY are free…which is how these games should be done. I don’t have Siege but I REALLY hope more co-op game devs copy their dlc strategy.

No idea about Division, and Destiny’s first two dlc packs were overpriced by $5-10 or so (TDB should have been $10 AT MOST, HOW should have been $15) not…“LOL 4 CHARACTERS AND A MONSTER FOR $25”. The Taken King was WELL WORTH the $40, with all the stuff it added. Not to mention it was a great start up point for beginners as you could get the legendary ed with all the stuff.


You keep saying this as if 2k actually made a conscious decision to insult you, rather than you deciding you wanted to be insulted.

“That you totally don’t need to buy if you don’t want to”

The publisher did nothing except give you options. Apparently giving you, the consumer, choice … is evil?


They did kick my face in, and apparently the faces of a lot of other people judging from the playerbase problems.

I repeat, I wanted this game to be huge. I wanted to have a lot of bandwagon jumping people to play with. Friends that got it because “they heard it was pretty fucking rad”.

But 2K nuked the fuck out of that, so eh.

And you keep going towards the “but OPTIONS!!!” route.








This was not an example of that.

At. All.

Look at the playerbase again. When DLC sinks your ship then, clearly there’s a problem with your dlc practices.


You can use as many lines as you like, you’re not explaining how 2K forced anyone to do anything other than buy the basic package if they didn’t want to spend more.

The playerbase isn’t an example of anything other than that the general masses of gamers have the same neurotic fear of consumer choice that you have. People could have ignored that the DLC existed, decided not to take the existence of a plan for DLC as some personal insult towards them, and just continued to buy the game as if nothing else was announced or existed.

But they, you, didn’t. Why? And more importantly, why can’t you see that the attitude that leads to that decision is actually something wrong with you and nothing that any publisher or developer made you do?

Edit: And actually I think the playerbase numbers are a whole host of issues, the DLC being a very small part of it. It’s convenient for people to make the playerbase numbers all about their issue, it’s a ready made strawman for people to hold up as a mirror to whatever argument they wish to make.


Yes, we have the option. What a revelation.

A lot of us chose to rejoice in our option, and instead either got it during sales or not at all.

Look at playerbase issues.

Badly priced, structured, and marketed dlc is the source of that.

That is the whole point of my tirade.

Their horribly designed, priced, and marketed “options” took us here, a game that’s hemorrhaging players.

And now you’re using the strawman to strawman me, neat.



Yeah, you chose not to buy it at release because you chose to be offended by having the option to buy higher priced pre-orders of DLC…

The question isn’t whether you or other people chose to do this, clearly people like you that felt like you’d been insulted by consumer choice decided to wait it out; it’s why you felt offended by being given choices that I’d love to understand.

Why are you avoiding answering what specifically it was about having options with information laid out about future DLC that means that you turn on a game? What goes on inside the head of your average gamer that it invokes such an irrational response?

If you’d been following the game at all you’d know that while the playerbase is indeed low, it’s also pretty stable and has been for the majority of the time the game has been out.


It was all skins. All of it. Did people give CoD shit for that? Nope. The thing is, their day 1 DLC was a pack of maps you are required to buy if you want to play with others, which is 1000x worse because it completely restricts people that didn’t buy it from playing with the people that did. Evolve’s skins were also priced in the same league with any other game’s cosmetic upgrades, even less for some. And you said R6’s premium was a bunch of silly skins, but it was that expensive for just skins? And you talk about Evolve’s pricing on DLC?

The season pass included four Hunters and skins for each of them, which ended up costing less than buying all of it individually. IT SAVED YOU MONEY TO BUY THE SEASON PASS.

The second season pass included five characters, which is again, cheaper to buy the pass than buy them individually, PLUS there was also skins for each of the characters.

You’re absolutely right in that this game, and its contents, are a lot of money, and you’re perfectly permitted to think whatever the hell you want to. That’s your prerogative. What’s not OK is to compare this game to another and then cut short the comparison when it starts to go sour for you. Destiny, for example. Sure, you may have thought it was money well-spent, but lets look at this from a gameplay perspective. $40 for a single DLC, which included what? A bit of story and a couple high-tier pieces of loot. That’s great, really great. It’s a short story you’ll never play again and items that you’ll out-level in no time at all, and they’ll become obsolete. Yup. Excellent way to spend money.

Most of that is NOT from DLC. I admit, the bad press from it in the beginning killed it some for a lot of people, but now, it’s not an issue. Those issues come from the community being toxic and the game being unforgiving to new players. The playerbase has no place in this conversation. By the way, it’s higher than it was before christmas. So “hemorrhaging” isn’t the right word because we’ve not lost any.


Person 1: I’m going to sell you a cake
Person 2: Great, I love cake
Person 1: Oh perfect, well you can buy the cake for $X
Person 2: Wonderful
Person 1: You can also buy this cake, and a cake I’ll make in a week’s time for $Y, or if you truly love cake I’ll make you a cake every week this month for $Z
Person 2: What the hell? Who do you even think you are? How dare you? Fuck you man, I’ll eat this cake second hand or not at all.


Person 2: Oh I see you’re selling that month old cake at cut down prices
Person 1: yes, I put a lot of love in to it, I’d hate to see it go to waste
Person 2: OK I’ll buy it now
Person 1: Here you go
Person 2 eats
Person 2: Well it’s not quite the same experience as if I’d bought it when you first offered it, how could you let this happen cake maker?

Evolve DLC haters in a nutshell.


Cod didn’t have day 1 dlc and evolve doesn’t release free maps very often at all (better than the cod model tho)