Make us able to play offine untill 10 feb ( pc users)


waiting 2 days feels like hell


Ok i wait two or three days.


I’m sure you can handle one or two days more :wink:


Altho i agree that would be a pain the ass.In order to do so they need to unlock it from steam so that means everyone gets it.Offline also means they need to drop the servers for those who have press-release aswell.Its like we’re asking them to give us the game 2 days earlier prior to launch.

Anyway i’m a pc user and i’d love to play myself.So much going on with earlier copies arriving for consoles+ press releases for some people while we only can watch.I don’t feel super about it but i don’t think anyone can do something about that.Not even the devs


C’mon. Can’t you just do it?


can not understand the logic not to release a game on a friday…


The problem is that publishers still rely on retail, and if retail want something released mid-week, then it’s no good letting people access it earlier than that via download. Sad, but makes business sense :frowning:


Apparantly some people who has recieved the physical copy of the game early on Xbone and PS4, have access to the full game right now… Either turn them all off, or open the flood gates for the rest of us!

and yes im damn salty about this!


Chill Winston


Honestly guys, quit the drama, its less than a half a dozen of days … you will have the game for the rest of the year for you to enjoy… this is not like another 4 days beta or time limited experience, just be patient for once.


Not even the suggestion of ‘please?’


It has to do with financials. DVD’s and games release on Tuesdays for that reason. Been that way for a long time.


Grow up.

A lot of the behavior on this forum is downright childish.

Thread after thread after thread of crying, whining, and demanding.


You clearly don’t know me whatso ever, so don’t judge me.


You made a thread about shutting down the PS4 servers and you put MacMan on the spot which was uncalled for. That says a lot, just saying.


Especially since he’s on PC, so it doesn’t affect us at all whatsoever. Not even a little bit. Jesus Christ people, just wait 2 days one hour and 35 minutes. I’ve been waiting for more than a year- and others with me. I’ve had to pay $135 US Dollars, which is 173 AUD, for the PCMR, and I’m waiting patiently. Sure, my foot is spazzing out in anticipation, but I’m not complaining. Nor are the Mods, Regulars, or Leaders. Take a page from our book- calm down, be patient, and stop- for lack of a better word- nagging.


Oh that’s what you want? (Game release date changed to Feb 13th.)


The people with the press release version can also play.

Just imagine you are one of them.


i would not care tbh, just tuesday is so lame…


It’s really not that much fun. Trust me. This game is definitely a MP game.