Make Trapper Green

Why is the trapper’s name yellow? It blends with support and make it harder to dome dodge.

I’d like it to be green instead.

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The trapper’s name is green… :neutral_face:


I’m pretty sure it’s not, I’m not crazy. Well, entirely. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna find some proof.

I get them confused to sometimes. The trappers’ names are like green-yellow and support is yellow



From Rob’s stream. Gonna get support.

You can’ tell me these don’t look alike.


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Yeah, that’s green.


This is more like it. I do however agree that Trapper’s could have a darker colored green but I’m pretty sure it is made this way so it is still noticeable. Regardless however, still green.


I can and will :stuck_out_tongue:

Support is a very noticeable orange while Trappers are a noticeable yellow-green color.


A heavy dose of yellow with some green, yeah.


It all comes down to the eye.


It’s less yellow with green and more of a green with yellow, again I do believe it could be a more vibrant green but none-the-less it’s still green :stuck_out_tongue:

As of right now, Trapper color is more like this:

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this gets me the most because of Kala though. Maybe I haven’t played against her enough but I confuse her outline with maggie’s and crow’s. sometimes even abe and griffin

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I’ll be sure to remember that while I’m being spored and chased. ;-;

Sorry, but it’s the truth.

I think the name colour is important.

Have you considered trying one of the colorblind options?

um its green sir :confused:

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Wouldn’t mind it being a bit more green.


Can’t make it too dark or else it’d be hard to see.

Can’t make it too bright or else it will really look like Support’s or at least look weird.

When fighting Hunters I can easily tell who the Trapper is just by their character.

If you need to, look at the name of the Trapper and remember their name and if you see it then it’s Trapper.

Well if you’re being Spored then the color of the names wouldn’t matter anyway… cuz…

Ya know…

You can’t see anything anyway…

I’d say it’s more light yellow than a true green


Okay so it is green but what if we wanted it MORE green?