Make The person above you into an Evolve Character


Rules are simple. You pick the person above you, and make them into a character.
All 4 abilities and what not.
Can be Hunter or Monster.

Have at er :slight_smile:

Game: Make the person above into an Evolve Character :)

Seedsy / Aseeds

A small, ice-based creature that is quicker at climbing and running than the other monsters. Relies on fast movement and disorienting hunters to land attacks.

Shrill - A loud, ear-piercing cry that chills the hunters to their core. Creates an icy border around the player’s screen while buffing the monster’s melees with sharper, icier claws for a period of time.

Frostbite - The monster dashes forward, leaving a wide icy surface that slows reload speed and deals minor DOT to hunters standing in the area. If the monster reaches a target during the dash, he will stop and grab them, slamming them on the ice.

Cold Snap - The monster screeches and clouds the air with a cold fog before rapidly turning, putting all its force into a tail whip that propels icy bullets in a 90 degree area.

Icebreak - Creates multiple ice spikes that closely surround the monster, knocking back any nearby hunters and allowing some protection from gunfire. After a short period of time, the ice shatters outward and damages anyone nearby.

Did I do it right? I don’t know what I was doing with the theme… I was trying to do something caster or red panda inspired, but all my ideas turned ice-based. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol this is funny

Good luck doing me


#Torvald Stavig:
Weapons and Equipment:
-Autofire Shotgun
-Mortar Cannons
-Shrapnel Grenade
-Personal Shield

*Is also a ninja, has better reflexes because he’s a cyborg ninja.


ToiletWraith would have the ability, ethereal flush. Where she flushes peoples lives out of existence.



Yeah… That’s really all I got right now :confused:


I’d like to see what people might come up with.


Deity_Pharaoh - Monster

Paralyze: Turn that person/wildlife into stone (Will not allow you to eat that carcass if you kill the enemy with this ability)

Mind Control: Take over that person/wildlife to help you in combat (Takes a bit of power out of you making your damage 25% less)

Power of the Scarab: Create a seismic blast that emits from you (Leaves you invulnerable for the charge up and the aftermath)

Swarm: Control a swarm of bees, wasps, hornets to attack enemies (You cannot move when controlling them)


Speed Burst: Turn into toilet paper and move faster



Dont forget returning the slab


Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


That was actually pretty cool, I actually expected a medic, very creative .


Eh, when I see the word Pharaoh I think over ruler so I saw you as a Monster haha


CptBoomBoom: BewmBoom

Warpnade: BewmBoom’s primary attack. This weapon is a prototype grenade with the ability to warp in and out of dimension. This allows the grenade to instantly travel to its destination. BewmBoom can carry up to four grenades at once before reloading.

Boomerang: This is BewmBoom’s secondary attack. Fitted with a gyroscope, these grenades for highly accurate, long distance throws. They don’t travel as fast as the Warpnades, but do return to the thrower after reaching their target. This allows for an almost instant reload, making these a fast attack weapon.

M.O.A.B: The M.O.A.B or Mother of All Bewms, is a large single fire bomb. This bomb is released out a large launcher that has to be placed down before initiating the launch sequence. Once placed, the M.O.A.B begins its launch sequence. During this time, the M.O.A.B locks on to the target. After just a few seconds the bomb launches. It’s high-tech tracking and targeting system allow the bomb to move around objects at high speeds, making it nigh impossible to run away from.

Self Destruct: BewmBoom sets all of his explosives off on himself, creating a enormous explosion. Luckily for him, his found an immunity to explosions.


Shunty: Assault

Primary - BarSniper: This sniper shoots out bars because it’s Bars or nothing

Secondary - Monument of Crow: This will amplify Shunt’s power by 200%

Side Weapon - Blitzleopard: Shunt’s best friend Vendalra will attack the Monster

SCA - Personal Shield: Extra duration

(Blitzleopard was the closing thing in Evolve to a Snow Leopard so I did that :slight_smile:)


I want this to be a thing.


How did you do that???!!



Primary - I’m so Special!: A special cookie that gives him special passives.

Secondary - Special sentry: A sentry turret that fires exclusive bullets that burn monsters.

Utility - Special secret: Its a secret.

SPC - Originality: Makes you original.


I love it!

I get to eat Cookies in battle!



A giant squid(not kraken) that just slips everywhere

Ability 1: slip hunters move uncontrollably

Ability 2: ink blinds hunters

Ability 3: sucker punch, sucks up the hunters then throws them

Ability 4: venom grab pulls hunters and poisons them

Idk I tried sounds like a behemoths and krakens child to me.