Make the Monster Talk/Taunt


It would be great if you could have the monster taunt by either:

  1. Having preset taunts or roars the monster can select to taunt the players.
  2. Actually let the player controlling the monster taunt through their headset and put a filter on their voice to make it sound creepy.

The downside for the monster is it may be that the hunters can find you easier but it would also make the hunt much more personal.



The roaring sounds like an amazing idea!!


I dunno…I thought it was pretty personal when he chose to hit me in the face with a rock…


Sorry… here, let me charge over and cauterize that wound for you :wink:

I always attempt to eat the Hunters I kill in sight of the others. I like them to think about their fate before I zip off into the jungle once more! :smiley: