Make the fifth monster a giant wolf pls


big black wolf with red eyees and big teeth and claws k thanks. Quadroped biped either or its all the same

T5 Monster idea - Water/Blood/Ice monster


Im bob dole and I approve this message


How about a wolf with machine guns fused into its 6 nipples


hell yeah it shoots lactose bullets


lasers coming out of its eyes


one of its abilities is the ‘toxic fart’ cause I know I hate when i cant shake the hunters, well you let one rip and im tellin you the hunters will leave you alone for the rest of the game


Jokes aside, I would love to see something quadrupedal.

The thing is, asking for a wolf is pointless if it is a serious request :stuck_out_tongue: it makes no sense for an actual animal from earth to be a monster, or even on shear.


guys i found a starting template we can use

look how OP he is even in beta form he’s breaking the game already


i know its poor quality but I had to catch the beast on video and capture it for you


i personally think done correctly a wolf would be legit


Damn that son of a gun is cute


Honestly thinking about new monsters Ive never once imagined a giant wolf or werewolf
hah awesome!


stage 1 and stage 2 comparison


This was too funny

I refuse to flagg

Take my like and LIKE IT!!!


well it got flagged anyways lol but thanks


Would the wolf monster be the one that tore torvald apart *cough fenrir *cough :stuck_out_tongue:


yes actually I own a pup from fenrir’s litter its the wolf you see now(I didnt know that actually happened thats cool where can I read?) p.s. nice pic lol


Well, you know, just completely forget any of my ideas. Yeah, let’s go ahead and make an oversized wolf. Totally. Sounds Great


I came here to kill hunters