Make teleporter symbol appearing while setting up


Make the teleport symbol appear while it’s still setting up so that while a hunter is getting focused he can see where it is and make he’s way towards it and by the time he reaches it it will be ready.

I know it’s not much but it can help both new
And veteran players have better awareness as to where the teleporters are.

  • I Agree and think this should be implemented
  • I disagree and don’t think this should be implemented

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Hey, speaking on Kala’s teleport, Do anyone knows any dev opinion on her current state? She’s been around a while now and I feel she’s quite hard to make effective and I’m not even sure if her maximum effectiveness rivals any other support. Then, her most complicated kit aspect, the teleport, is not only hard to be well coordinated by itself but it’s also extremely fragile.
Anyone knows if there’s any chance they might get a durability increase?


Well I don’t know the devs opinions on her I’m gonna summon @Insane_521 and @GentlemanSquirl.

But in general the community thinks that she is balanced but requires a very good player using her and a good teammates who can use the teleport pads and armour reducer to thier fuller potential.