Make Slim's Spore Cloud like Caira's grenades


I’m just gonna quote myself. I posted it in another topic but I feel like the idea is good enough to have its own thread:

Plus, it would make it more of a skill shot and less of a spammable ability. And I think it’s fairly easy to change the code to do that.

What do you think about that suggestion, fellow hunters and monsters? I myself have very reduced fun as monster in ranked after Slim is viable again and I think that would help me.


It needs to be replaced. It don’t be balanced otherwise.


Obvious bias is obvious, then.

I can agree to a certain point that Slim’s Spore Clouds need changing, but to me it seems like your suggestion would only further amplify the common complaint most people have with them.
They’re disorienting, not fun and their effectiveness heavily depends on the Monster player, pick, playstyle and even monitor size, brightness etc.

The gripe I have with your suggestion is that:

…that’s exactly how it is NOW, and how it will NOT be with your change because you said it doesn’t matter where that Hunter goes afterwards.
If that is true, the Spore Cloud particles would be completely useless information that in no way indicate the spored Hunters’ current location.

As much as I disagree with @10shredder00’s bias beyond reasoning towards Slim, I agree with him in the sense that trying to balance the current version of Spore Clouds is just fruitless.


Problems with that are:

  • With what?
  • Effort of designing, implementing and balancing a complete new ability


IMO my suggestion would be fairly easy to implement.


Well, of course it is subjective. Some people have more trouble with it, some people have less trouble with it. Problem is that the degree of effectiveness is not dependent on your skill or tactic but on your biological limitations.
I agree that it would be best to replace the Spore Cloud. But I can imagine that that isn’t something TRS can do in the near future. So I suggested a change to the Spore Cloud.

No, as of now a large area, where all the hunters can easily be in, is obscured. With my suggestion, only the health bar of one or two hunters would be gone. And Slim would actually have to aim for that.
The particles wouldn’t exist in my suggestion.
I can only guess what problem others have with Slim but my problem is that the whole hunter team is cloaked in a large area.
If Slim can either cloak himself with a grenade at his feet or shoot it at somebody else, that’s only one hunter. If all the hunters stand in one place to be all in the small radius of the grenade, you just Leap Smash (or whatever) into that crowd.

I’m quite suprised that you are so massively against it. You don’t think it would be better than the current state?

Btw, I just hate the use of ability spamming in Evolve. Behemoth’s Roll to damage hunters, Wraith’s/Gorgon’s melee spam and Slim’s Spore Cloud.
It’s not like the opponent is like “Wow, yeah, he absolutely nailed that Spore Cloud. He bested me there.” or “Wow, that Wraith can clearly aim its melee attacks. Great play.”. No, it’s just spamming buttons with not very much thinking about when to do it or where to aim it. Those things need to be removed.


Just leave the spore cloud. Jump in and damage who you saw, jump out look again. rinse and repeat. The spore cloud only blinds you if you are in it. Get out of it.


honestly id rather the spore cloud blinding thing just be removed. Instead the cloud could just provide a flat damage reduction or healing over time or something. They could just change the reload speed to make it so the benefits of having a better utility skill than questionable blinding spores of variable effect.

  1. Don’t care that’s not my job.

  2. Anything that isn’t spores would be better. Spores are the most unbalanced thing in this game.


Agreed, I don’t use Slim either as it’s a pretty clear waste of an ability. The Monster just walks out of it.



A) The spores completely cripple the Monster making the game unbearingly unfun and unfair.


B) The spores have literally no effect.

Either way, unbalanced af.


You don’t care about reality? Well, then go play in the dreamy dreamland. :smiley:

Changing the effect to a damage reduction or something is an interesting idea, too. I have thought about that, too. The radius would have to be reduced for that as well.


I think it’d be interesting if it was changed to allow the HUD to appear as it normally does in combat, but the health bar and name have much lower opacity so it’s possible to be followed but could maybe be lost in the heat of battle. In exchange for being able to follow that part of the HUD, sound is dulled to slightly hinder using voice commands and such to follow the target (i.e. Hank’s yelling). I’d describe this as the spores attacking the monster’s senses.

I’m not a monster player, though, so I don’t know how decent or horrible this thought process is. :stuck_out_tongue: It kind of just popped into my head yesterday, and was probably already tossed around in Slim discussion threads before.


im the only one who think The Dragonfly is fine ? yeah his spores are annoying but not a hard problem just be a mobil monster


I will say B most of the time, mostly due to the fact it’s pretty much only effective in rainy, dark maps.


I don’t find spores to be a problem unless I’m fighting waggie<hyde or someone who can stasis it blocks the screen to much


Replacing the ability sounds like adaptation territory and a singular target cloak it’s exactly what it needs not full on cloak but what it does now.

Say you hit the hunter and it lasts 10-15 seconds with a cooldown of 12 seconds instead of utterly “blinding” a monster it should allow for temporary unseen getaway or revive being used in not such a hurtful way to the monsters play style but instead ushering in a new Slim play style. (Cooldown doesn’t start till the effect wears off) then again this whole ordeal would kind of make it a bit more situational than overall useful in a fight now as is.

Edit: I shouldn’t have to say but I personally don’t want to see a character changing change be brought upon someone about to get nerfed anyways but if enough people feel it needs to be changed this is the way to go it’s just not a cancerous ability like everyone sees it now I guess.


I say a possible fix is get rid of Health Bars but keep Hunters visible.


That’s what I’ve been saying for a long time. That and getting rid of the visual effects it has.


Needs a visual effect to let the Monster know where to go to get out if it though…


Yes, but not like how it is now. Make it so it’s a skill weapon. The only way you’d affect the Monster is if you got a direct impact on the Monster.