Make Slim actually dangerous


I don’t know about how people would feel about this but I personally feel that Slim’s spore cloud launcher needs a buff. Not really in radius or how long it lasts but how it affects monsters. I think it will be a good idea if when you hit the spore grenade directly on the monster then spore cloud effect should actually stick on the monster and follow it no matter where it goes. I base this on the fact that if you think about it, if the monster get hit directly hit with spores that disrupts it’s sense of smell then it won’t be able to simply jump, warp, or roll away from it because the spores would actually be stuck on its skin. I feel this will make Slim’s job easier because if he hits the monster he doesn’t have to shoot anymore grenades for a few seconds for a monster that is constantly on the move. This will also help Slim if he’s getting focused on because they won’t have to choose between trying to get away with the grenade or try to keep yourself alive with your leech gun. This is just something I came up with a little while back that I honestly feel will make Slim a lot more fun to play.



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That’s an interesting idea though. I don’t play much Slim so I can’t really say where he’s at in his current balance. The one thing I think would need to be changed to not make Slim’s spore cloud way over powered (in this specific instance) would be more of a cooldown then.


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There’s an active member here who, to put it mildly, has a strong dislike for anything and everything Slim-related.


Slim’s spores have a hugely negative impact on players who have bad vision and/or are colorblind. Its not fun when a player who already has a vision handicap to be further handicapped because of a character.

plus, the spore cloud/dust tag can cause a decent frame per second drop on some systems.

spore cloud is fine. i love slim and i play him often, but i dont like the spore clouds because their “up” but rather because it varies too much on the opponent’s abilities.

it may work wonders on one opponent (and cause him a bad day and rants) but literally have no affect on another player. simply because of eyesight.

love how all the shredder references were deleted :stuck_out_tongue:


I just feel like slim is a healing character that needs to be using his leech gun often in order to be a good medic. You can’t really do that when your also trying to also use a weapon that only affects a small area especially if someone is getting focused on because 9/10 the monster will knock the hunter out of the spore bubble with one ability or the hunter will jetpack out of the bubble because they’re trying to get away or dodge. It’s extremely hard to focus on healing when you gotta switch to the grenade launcher every 2-3 seconds.


well, don’t you think it’d be absurd to have the monster constantly spored for every fight? The limits on spore cloud allow for counterplay, which is critical for the monster to be able to survive. Their has to be some limitations to allow for a fair game.


I’d be behind this, if it wasn’t as spammable. Give it a decent cooldown (enough that the duration is greater than the cooldown so the monster can have periods of “smell”, even a small one) and you’d have my vote. Would give more time for healing.

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Instead of worrying about constantly sporing, try empyting the leech gun’s magazine and then switch to the spore, fire it, and switch back. It will have reloaded, you’ll have given the monster a distraction, and your healing won’t be interrupted. If his spore cloud was buffed again, people like myself wouldn’t be able to do anything against him. As it is, I can only play against a good Slim for maybe two games before I have to go lie down and rest my eyes


spore cloud is mainly the only thing that separates him from balance and OP.


Not to mean about the fact that it affects people that don’t see well but that’s pretty much what the spore cloud is meant for. I to make you use sight instead of just smell. I mean I feel like it’s kinda getting mad for using the spore cloud on a mole when we know it can’t see well. I myself have a hard time seeing the hunters when I get with it and I’m one suggesting this. I’m not speaking as a monster player or a hunter player just as a gamers that wants to see the game be more fun a little more realistic.


I get what you’re saying and i actually do that. I switch guns while the other reloads. But I feel that it should almost be like Val’s tranq dart when going into battle. The first thing you would want to do when going into a fight with the monster is hit it with your special weapon to give your team a slight advantage at the start of the battle. At least that’s how I see it


Well what stops you from doing that? You can start the cycle with spores. And believe me, just because the spores aren’t absolutely constant, does not mean it isn’t a pain in the ass for monsters.


the reload/duration times on the leech gun and spore clouds are like perfectly in synch.

it takes 2.2secs to empty leech gun and 1.6secs to reload.
it takes 1.2secs to fire a spore cloud. and takes 2 secs to reload.

and the spore cloud duration is 7secs.

so you still have 5secs of flexible time constraints which can give you an extra clip of leechgun before you spore again.


That would make it too powerful imo. I think Slim is in good state right now. Spore clouds are frustrating enough for the monster as it is.


I’m not saying it’s not a pain for monsters but it’s a pain for Slim players the way he is now. Ok say the way slim is now you see the monster coming around the corner and you know he’s coming to fight and hit him with the grenade right away then switch to the leech then what? Usually after that first hit the monster will use one stamina point to get out of the bubble and also get in damage range to you or anyone on your team. Now you gotta decide either stick with leech gun and try to counter the damage and be a good medic or switch to the grenade to try to take advantage and use the special weapon you have to try to conceal whoever getting hit but only if that stays in that small bubble which is highly unlikely since pretty much all the monster abilities launch you at least 10m either direction so now the monster is once again out of bubble and your teammate has taken considerable damage what do you do then? The way slim now you either gotta focus on healing or clouds and if you try to use both something is going to go wrong.


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So, I’ve been thinking on that, too. Slim’s my boy and has been since he was released. I think his spores are in an unfortunate place as well. But you’ve got to take into account so many factors. I mean, I require glasses when doing anything more than two feet away from me. I can see my computer screen just fine! But because I can’t tell hunter from bush (or hunter from hunter) I use smell quite a bit. I think it’s great that Slim can negate that for a short period of time. It forces people like me to change position or get over it and guess. However, having the lack of smell follow you just doesn’t seem the way to go.

Your point is that spores should stick to the creature it effects. However, I think it would be more logical that it stays in the area it effects more heavily. After a good sneeze or two anything can get over a bit dust in their noses. When spores stick to a creature, it mainly sticks to their hides while mucus in the nostrils and tears in the eyes clean the spores off. However, no amount of effort on the monster’s side can change spore location. What about making the spores have a larger radius, longer cool-down but stick in the same place? That way the monster can run away from the infected place. However, the infected place is still a no-smell zone and will be for a finite amount of time. That would actually be much better in the long run, in my opinion. Injured or squishy hunters can hide in the no-smell zone. Monsters that don’t rely on smell can dive right in. Monsters that do won’t have to worry about not smelling anything at all.

Slim is still my favorite medic. No robot with a personality disorder can change that. But I also play monster. So I generally look at everything from both sides of the coin. I get it that you do as well? You play monster frequently? Do you play medic as well or is this just your experience as a playing as hunter alongside him?


you have to think of it this way. if you use spores and the monster jumps out immediately, then the spores act like a form of CC by forcing the monster out of that location and by forcing them to un-focus and use a traversal.

if the monster stays, then the spore clouds act like a debuff by allowing your team to re-position and avoid focus because the monster lost his sight of smell (and/or sight)


But that’s only if the monster stays in that small area which in my experience is really unlikely. In most of the battles I’ve had with monster the battle never really stayed in one area. It’s constantly moving with leap smash, warp blast and that roll melee combo the behemoth does. I feel that it would be more realistic if the monster got hit directly by it then it will give slim a chance to focus purely on healing not worry if the monster is out of the bubble or not.


realism =/= gameplay.

otherwise all the hunters would die anyway.

but what i mean is that the spores are utility. use them as CC sometimes and not like a debuff.

you can say the same thing about the stasis grenades. they force the monster to choose between being slow or wasting a traversal/ability to get out.