Make-O-Monster! Kothoga!

Hey guys/gals! Decided to throw my hat into the ‘Create a Monster’ ring. Admittedly, the design is NOT MY OWN, but I think something similar would fit into Evolve rather nicely. I don’t have any of the particulars worked out, which is why I thought it would be good fodder for discussion. I’ve read everyone’s want of something Insectoid, or Reptilian, while also thinking that something Feline would be awesome too. Some alien lion/tiger/panther/sabertooth super predator that walks/runs on all fours. Has a lower profile than Goliath, but larger than Wraith. Why not combine ALL of the ideas into one creature? A Reptilian/Insect/Cat! That…actually sounded really familiar. Where had I seen/heard that before?? Then it hit me. In 1997 a little movie called ‘The Relic’ came out, based on the novel by the same name. It featured a creature created by the late great Stan Winston. It looks like this:
Before anyone cries foul about another artists creature being used as a base, let me remind you that Goliath has elements of King Kong and Godzilla, Kraken is obviously a Cthulhu reference, and Wraith can be seen as an homage to Giger’s Xenomorph. I’m simply saying take a look at it and use it as an inspiration!

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I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: What type of Monster would you like to see?

I’m afraid we already have a thread about what Monster would you like to see, and another one that’s about making a community Monster on a completely different basis, here. Creating a new topic is kinda pointless.

@SlinkyGuy @Plaff one of you is a support, so get that orbital rollin’!