Make mute button!


I’m tired of seeing players insulting me! Make a damn mute button already! Also I’ve seen monsters that kept killing 3/4 hunters at stage 3, then chasing 1 player around and keep damaging him a little, repeating this ENDLESSLY, and meanwhile kept insulting players! I kept getting queued with this player 4 times is a row until I quit the game, and it got really frustrating! Make something about it!


Hello @VORP

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That said, unfortunately chat is something hard to mute in-game although I can definitely understand that you would like to receive an option for it.

You can, off course, always make a claim through Steam by finding that person’s steam profile (which you can do through the new “recently played feature”), then click on “More” - “Report Violation” and choose “harassment”.

If possible, provide Steam with the necessary documentation and ask everyone to do the same thing as well.