Make Monster sneaking usefull again by changing how Planet Scanner works. My idea inside


Hello everyone. This will be my suggestion on how to fix Planet Scanner and make Monster sneaking viable strategy.

Okay, so I have put 28 hours into the game and I think I have enough knowledge to give some proper feedback about how to make sneaking in this game again a viable tactic. A lot of people wants a sneaking back from old game (legacy), which I totally understand! And a lot of people prefers to have faster fights in the dome, which I understand as well. I want them both. So I thought of an idea and I will present it to you guys.

Overall I think that the Planet Scanner removes the point of tracks and birds, which in my opinion are both nice and immersive features! So it’s pretty counter intuitive to create feature such as tracks and then make it pointless by creating another feature, don’t you think Devs?

So here are my two cents on how to “improve” Planet Scanner in a way to make it still usefull gadget for Hunters but at the same time allow Monsters to perform sneaking strategy.

  • remove the Monster outline from Trapper point of view. I think that’s a biggest one. Trapper can see Monster through walls, bushes, tress giving its perfect position away. Why? It’s like a wallhacks. The Planet Scanner should only give Monster position on the radar, not the perfect outlines of the monster.

  • make the cooldown 1,5 times longer than it is right now. Trapper shouldn’t be able to spam this gadget every 30 seconds. It feels like Monster is spotted entire game, which once again make - tracks, birds, sounds all pointless.

  • another thing, I think would be needed to balance the Planet Scanner changes. Make Monster footsteps louder, while Monster sneaking sounds quieter. It’s pretty self explanatory. With removing outlines and making CD longer, you will need to listen to footsteps sounds more often, follow the tracks or even stop for a moment to think where Monster would go. By making footsteps louder, you force Monster to either sneak near Hunters or be aware of his surrondings, because Hunter will more likely be able to tell in which direction he is.

I think that’s all I have thought of. I’m pretty sure this idea would bring back the old Evolve sneaking mechanic to life and will also satisfy players that like to know general direciton of the Monster. I think that lack of outline will make Hunters play much more carefully on the corners and actually listen to the surrondings, while Monster will be able to perform sneak attacks, hide in bushes and sneak past Hunters.

So that’s all. Thanks for reading, and I would appreciate any feedback from playerbase or TRS devs themselves.



PS. to everyone. Also I wanted to make it clear that I’m not big fan of playing as Monster. My ideas and opinions are solely because I love this game and I want it to be immersive and exciting. I think that sneaking is wasted ability in the current build and I want it improve. So please take all of my comments with a bit of distance. I never was and probably never will be Monster player, so my ideas aren’t biased.


The game has balanced to be a faster-paced, more aggressive game. Sneak is just not a viable long term strategy at the moment. Instead, focus on using short bursts of sneaking, usually right as the scanner ends, to throw off hunters.
Tracks are still a major way Hunters track monsters, and Birds are there to make sure successful sneaks don’t mean a free S3.

What you are saying here is a large part of why theres a group of people who bemoan the new game, because Legacy Evolve was more about the Hunt, while Stage 2 is more about the fights.


If the point of Stage 2 was to make Sneaking, Tracks, Birds, Sound effects pointless then why not remove them altogether?

The Planet Scanner gadget is counter intuitive when compared to the game features.


As I said above, those mechanics were not rendered pointless, just less game critical. They all still provide useful information.

Tracks let you know where a monster has been, and good trappers still use them often, such as “Assault + medic, you follow tracks and watch for a backtrack, Support, flank right with me and we can catch him at the pinch.” Strategies that can be created on the fly because the tracks are a permanent source of information.

Birds and carrion feeders still provide point scouting, like when hunters ping the monster, so that every hunter is aware of its position.

Hell, when I play Trapper, I actually very rarely even pay attention to the wall hacks, and only briefly check the sonar to make sure he’s not doubling back before people are in position, because I use tracks and Gobi so much that I rarely need to “scan” where the monster is, because I’m constantly keeping him lit up. (Crow is Best trapper!) I mostly end up just using it for the speed boost for doming.


I don’t think you really get my point though. If you say that sneaking is not viable long term strategy for now, then why not listen to my suggestion that would make it viable strategy while at the same time giving Hunters same if not even more advantage on catching the Monster in dome? Since that’s actually the current point of the Stage 2 - to fight faster.

Louder footsteps when not sneaking would balance the lack of outlines and CD.

I know it’s pretty rude to ask such question, but did you read my entire post? My suggestion would basically improve occasional sneaking, while at the same time keeping it hard for Monster to sneak past Hunters, since it would have louder footsteps. Or by actually following tracks, when you don’t know it’s position.

And yes I disagree with you, tracks serves no purpose in Stage 2. Trappers just need to click 4 to know the perfect position of the Monster. And after 30 secs he can do it again. Why even look at tracks?


I fear removing monster outline from trapper will seriously damage the tracking ability of trapper. I mean, they should be able to lead a group on hunting, and that is probably the most fun part of playing trapper.


Make Monster footsteps louder on Trapper then. He will be the one who can hear it good enough to lead the way.

There’s a lot of ways to actually make sneaking great again, while at the same time making it easy to track Monster. And I don’t know if I made that clear, but my suggestion doesn’t says that Planet Scanner should be removed. It still would give you the direction of monster on radar - which I think is totally fine, as long as you don’t see the outlines.


I did read your entire post, and I guess my response to that is that I don’t think your suggestions WOULD improve sneaking. I mean, yes, a longer cd on the locator would give you more time to sneak between scans, and removing the wall hack would make it easier to hide your exact position, but from my point of view, those don’t really matter. I’m never trying to sneak during a scan anyways, because it shows my general area, and if they are paying close enough attention to it, can even tell them what direction im going in, whether or not they directly see me. The scan isn’t something you’re supposed to sneak through, its something you sneak around. All extended sneaking, beyond a juke attempt, accomplishes in the current framework of the game, one in which ANY hunter seeing you is a dome, is slowing you down. But then, why sneak if its only hurting you?

The reason sneaking worked in Legacy was because there was only 1 hunter you had to avoid, the trapper. You didn’t have to outrun the hunters, just the one. But now, anyone can throw the dome, so EVERYONE is someone you have to avoid, and if they are properly tracking you, the scan isn’t what you need to worry about, its spacing. So I think what im saying here is I believe you attribute too much of the failure of sneaking to the planet scanner, when its really the change in dome mechanics that are making sneaking a less effective route.

As for the footfall volume, why would you suggest making sneaking weaker if you think it needs to be made more effective?

As for the tracks thing, once you start fighting higher level monsters that know how to play around the scanner, relying on it as your go-to tracking method and not paying attention to the other tracking mechanics will net them a lot of free evolves.


How is decreasing sneaking sounds, making it weaker? I don’t really understand you there. I have only said that sneaking should make quieter sounds and while running it should be louder. This would balance the lack of outlines and CD for Hunters, while keeping sneaking still viable option for Monster.


Ahh, I was missing the context in your response to Lee_Evert than.


Okay. I was talking there about when Monster is running. So maybe Trapper could hear it a lot better while teammates less but still better. This way Trapper could lead the way. I think it would compensate my outline and CD changes.

And sorry I didn’t answered to your long response to me, but I completly disagree with everything you said. I thought my idea out and I believe it could work in Stage 2. If I didn’t thought it out I would probably post this suggestion with 2 hours put into the game.

At the end, it’s the TRS decision and I hope they make the correct one in their opinion.

My suggestion here is only to shed some light on how it could be improved. I am aware it have small chances of actually being analyzed by Developers.


Already does this. When sneaking, you are invisible on the Scanner
@Magnus_Medic and I have tested thoroughly


Shouldn’t give the outlines even if you are not sneaking. Playing as Monster you can’t predict when the Trapper is going to activate it, so it’s pointless.

Unless the outlines disappear even if you begin sneaking after it’s activated. Then I guess I could live with that.

Still my idea stands. Seeing outlines of the Monster just gives your poisition away perfectly. It ruins the stealth way of playing.


Sneaking from the start of the game and not being found until s2 will never happen again.

Seriously, do you realize how dull playing hide and seek on a gigantic map is for the other 4 players in the game?

You can still sneak and juke, it’s just now you have to acually consider the fact that the other team has a brain and eyes instead of treating them like Metal Gear Solid guards.


I’ve thought some of the time that I was a Monster player that Monsters could use a “Hold Shift to Sprint” button and that the Jumps could be longer and auto-clamber just as it does right now for Hunters.

That would help the Stealth/Evasion aspect of the game.


I also have seen that the planet scanner follow the monster for the whole use. It’s even less funny when you play Miley.

For example:
You see the hunters incomming and decide to run away, you’ll probably try to stick on a wall to see them pass under without even noticing you (it worked so well in the Legacy version, and it was so much fun) but because the trapper know that the scanner shows the monster’s position at full use time, he’ll see that it isn’t moving and will understand that you are waiting on a wall.

I suggest that the scanner works like a single pulse instead of a constant pulse. I mean that it’ll locate the monster’s last localisation instead of his current localisation.


But it really doesnt.

High level/tier/coordinated/competitive players/teams/trappers dont pop the planet scanner willy nilly.

If they HAVE tracks to use/follow, they use those instead, and save the planet scanner.

As most know- The planet scanner gives a MASSIVE speed boost. Good trappers save the planet scanner to use this speed boost to secure domes theyd have missed if they were constantly putting it on cooldown. Or better- Try to save it for the early moments in a dome, so they can use it to mitigate the monster while the team catches up.

Point is, good hunters dont just use the planet scanner all the time. If they know where you are- By their primary tracking tools, or tracks, or birds, or sounds, they save it.

Personally- I do not want stealth back in the game like it was. At all. Even a little bit. 30 seconds, with the monsters current mobility, gives lots of juking potential. Which is far better overall for how the game plays. Small sneaks timed AFTER planet scans, leaving the team wondering if you went left or right, and getting SOME of your evolve meter- not all of it, before theyre back on your trail. This whole “teeheehee cant seeee meeee” shit was boring. 9 out of 10 who enjoyed it, were the monsters doing it.

Imagine if the hunters could hide the whole game from the monster. But could also pack up the relay, stick it in their pocket, and hide it too. You can bet your damn ass that monsters would- Rightfully- be complaining up a storm about hunters hiding the whole damn time. The monster IS the objective for the hunters- With the “fun” being fighting it. Having to spend 50-90% of the match FINDING the fun, is not fun.

Monster players need to accept the fact that they have to fight- and fight often. This is a game ABOUT fighting. Its about combat. Its not called “hunt” because its hide and seek. Its called hunt because theyre going to chase you and try to kill you- and you need to fight back. If you dont enjoy fighting the hunters- playing monster in evolve is not for you. If you want to play “come find me teeheehee”, go find another game.

The pacing of the game is so much better than it ever has been. I do not, nor will not, miss how stealthing used to play out. Good riddance. If monsters are avoiding and dreading combat because they get destroyed- even WHEN theyre played properly ("ACTUALLY played properly- Not “ive played 5 games and know what im doing and everything but me is OP!” nonsense), then the right path should be to buff the monsters so they can realistically deal with hunters (which currently seems to be what needs to happen. monsters are suffering at a high end right now) throughout the “course” of the game- not make them sneakier and harder to find.


I don’t think you really understand my idea, as it will not bring back the old days of Evolve gameplay. It still would be easy to dome monster fast, but Monster will have more sneaking capabilites. Like sneak attack around the corner. Or hiding in the bushes, just to attack back of the team. Sometimes even it could slip past the Hunters, but only if Hunters chase Monster poorly.


I’m a noob from free-to-play but I totally agree with these suggestions. Small tweak that will make sneaking viable. I always wanted the from for what is was advertised, a hunt, not a chase.


I don’t know how many times I need to say that. My idea here is to balance the old sneaking from Legacy and the current fast dome point of Stage 2. The idea is, to satisfy both sides, those who wants sneaking to be good again, and those who enjoy the current pace of game.

You still will be able to dome Monster fast, while at the same moment giving it more freedom with sneaking. If Monster ever slip past you, it will be only your team fault, not game balance…

Thanks. I really thought out my idea and I believe it would satisfy both sides. I hope TRS dev will see this thread and get some opinion on that.