Make me laugh. (Win a random steam code!)


I got 10 steam codes for free on G2A. I don’t want to use em all, cause selfishness is…

Well idk.

Make me laugh. Win a random steam code. Could be $100, could be $5. No pics, no memes just jokes that you would say when your outside. No copying from other websites. You have one day. Go.

boredom intensifies

P.S: If your system can not handle the game that you’re given, I can’t give you another. I used 5 for myself, gave 4 to friends, and I don’t have another one to spare after this.


Why are pizzas considered toxic in Evolve?

They’re really cheesy.

How do the monsters in Evolve organize their planetary invasion?

They planet in advance.

What would be Deanimate’s name if he were a Game of Thrones character?

The Meowtain.


Whenever I need a laugh- I look for this picture.

I know no pictures- Im not entering with this. I just like this picture :stuck_out_tongue:


Two fish are in a tank. One says to the other, “Do you know how to drive this thing?”.


A beam of light was seen leaving a black hole

The black hole turned to the beam of light said “Pardon me sir, but you dont seem to grasp the gravity of this situation”


What if Stephen Hawking is the real Slim Shady, but we will never know because he can’t stand up?


Oh, oh my favourite one!

A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

Ha! And this one… A steamadon walks into a bar and says “hey, where’d everybody go?”



What does DNA stand for?

National Dyslexic’s Association.


What do you call a relationship between reality and seriousness?

Fuck my life I’m not funny.


What do you call Robert Downey Jr in a bunny suit?

Rabbert Bunny Jr.


He’s not amused.


TRS has more bugs than Gorgon in their game.



This thread has made my night even better than it was before. When I wake up I think I’m going to have a kickstart to the day reading this thread!! So many options, I might need some judges to help me…


Once I woke up duct taped to a ceiling. Still not sure how.


What’s one stalker you don’t want following you?

Crippling debt.


Hey @Maximumlimit15 I hope your not mad Max or sad max, with a flax and a macks, pax a slack and a stack, pack…shax



Free Laugh


0/10 not enough max and cheese