Make Lennox's Autocannon a "battery" weapon


I have seen a lot of people say, on Lennox threads, that the Autocannon reload is annoying because, for example, if you whip out your Lance because Kraken looks like he’s going to go in for melee damage, but then he just bursts away, and you go back to the Autocannon- it’s now jammed for like five seconds to reload, and that is annoying.

So the suggestion is, make it function like a battery. The weapon’s identical except now, it has to “recharge” ammo instead of reloading which means you can switch to and from it seamlessly.

Edit- Also:


like a overheating meter?


Yeah it is super annoying and waste lots of dps,i tried swap speed and it just bugs completely reloading for minutes.


I like this idea. Would help solve the whole quick-switch problem.

The only problem I can see is when your forced to use the autocannon 24/7. The battery recharge time would need to be similar to the current reload time, or else Lennox would end up spending time doing nothing (characters like Markov and Hank have other bits of kit they can swap to whilst their gun recharges).


Kind of. Basically, think of Hank’s Laser Cutter- it’d function similar to that, but with a different cooldown.

And yeah you could explain it by saying the thing needs to cool down, that must overheat time to time. :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree. I was thinking about suggesting this myself a few days ago.


Or… Just remove ammo from it entirely.