Make Lazarus great again


Look, I haven’t really gotten my hands on S2 yet because I’m on console and my PC is a potato. However, as I’ve been hearing from this forum (which I trust more than I do most communities), Lazarus sucks now. I was expecting him to come back with his damage buffs, but it seems he has not. This raises the question of what buffs TRS can give him to best make him better.

The answer is simple:
(Credit to whoever made this, btw.)

But seriously, I think I’ve got an idea. Lazarus’s gimmick is that he can negate strikes, right? Well, what if he can place a shield on targeted hunters that is equal to whatever strikes they have on them? It isn’t the same, but the end result is similar. Just a thought I had. You guys have any better ideas?


Id love it if Laz had a scattershot sniper rifle that put up to three crit spot depending on accuracy. This wld increase his potential team damage bringing him up as a damage utility medic seeing as they dont want him to be a strong healing medic because of his one trick pony show.


I’ve played Laz more than any other Medic in Stage 2 and I think he definitely requires more finesse than in previous builds but comes with really good late game payoff.

So an important thing is to spam those HB’s. I was guilty of not doing this myself at first. Strikes aren’t really the end of the world in Stage 2. Don’t put yourself at risk to try and get a revive off early in the match if the Dropship is only like 30 seconds or less. Let them die!

Now once you get to the 90 second Dropship it’s definitely worth risking it. Monsters can get people down so quickly they may get greedy and ignore a dead Hunter. Pick that guy up and just keep your distance!

It seems Laz really shines now as a way to bring back Hunters when the Dropship timer is huge, similar to EMET, but has a little more flexibility since his reviving doesn’t have a giant beacon.

If a Monster wants to camp a body its much easier for Hunters to punish them for it and if they are able to get a kill then they are rewarded with the Strike, but since it is only 10% health the Monster has to weigh the risks.


This isn’t a fair assessment really. He’s squishier, like all hunters, but he also makes the hunters he’s with less squishy than they used to be with him on the team. His damage is nice, makes using the sniper rifle worthwhile again.

But the core “problem” of Laz is still right there. To be properly useful, especially in this “more strikes” meta, you need to get up close and there’s generally too little time to do it.

I’d love to see hunters in general survive on the ground for longer, to help prevent the stubborn monster players that remember how you needed to kill someone to be safe from body camping. More health for incapped hunters or a slower bleed out, either way Laz needs a little more time.

I’m coming around to the idea that a monster that downs multiple people will earn their strike, the long recharge on the device is necessary I think.

So, in short, my current assessment (that’ll change, because it’s early days):

  • Across the board, hunters need to survive while incapped a little better.
  • DR against abilities?
  • More incap health pool?
  • Slower bleeding out?
  • Laz could do with his revivifier cast time reducing a fraction of a second


The way I see it, Laz’s glove has a long CD now which limits the number of revives he can pull off. So I suggest making it easier to revive people by reducing the cast time of the glove. Also I think they should increase the time the corpse takes to decay, if the hunter is getting a strike anyway why not give Laz a chance to revive a fully dead hunter? The cloak needs some fixing too: any shield from a team mate will give away the location of the cloaked Laz. Maybe add movement speed when cloaked or increase the duration?


Just 5 minutes ago there was a post about lazarus being overpowered rofl.
But yeah his healing sucks atm, and he appareantly received nerfs to both his cloak and glove which is kinda sad.
Great picture by the way, gave me the lolz


That’s brutal. You’re nerfing the entire concept of his character. The Lazarus glove seems to take longer to cast too, is it just me?


It’s a bit weird to come back after a long hiatus and fail to recognize, well, anything.

Last time I was still around, Laz didn’t have CD on his glove to speak of, and negated strikes, but he was considered worthless nevertheless. Now he received massive nerfs, but apparently he’s fine now…

I’m definitely missing something.


The problem with laz is balancing between revivals and sustain… that’s why we will hardly see a balanced lazarus. For the moment we have only seen lazarus on the weak side, perhaps it needs nothing to bring it to strong side…