Make it harder to destroy the power relay and the new monster is over powered


First the power relay is too easy to to destroy and the rock monster is to over powered please if you could make like some sort of armor on it and make it not end the game. And its unfair I preorderd the game and i tried downloading the rock monster i cant get it please consider my options thank you.


Okay, so my main concern is that you didn’t get Behemoth. Could you be a little more specific? Where did you pre-order the game from, and what exactly happens when you try to download Behemoth?

And which platform are you on?


Once that is done, why do you think that the power relay is too easy to destroy?


I’m not sure if this is legit or just a click bait.


lol :slight_smile: , thanks I needed that


I feel like it’s a troll/click bait…but I’m not sure…


Wow are you serious? Behemoth is bugged right now and goes down way too easy right now. The relax takes a good 30 seconds at least to destroy it takes quite a while to bring it down


*Shh…*Just humor him. Maybe he’s being serious, maybe not. :wink:


Relay confirmed to be 5th monster. 5th monster too op plz nerf


Torvald is 5th monster. Relay is 6th. when will u people learn.


In all fairness, I’ve seen ayers, including myself, do fairly well with him, relatively speaking of course


Hunters need to always win?


Only if Markov is on the team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Abe: Wanna make things interesting? A little bet on the side?
Markov: Yes. I bet Markov wins, and Monster dies.
Abe: Not exactly easy for you to pay out if you lose…
Markov: That’s why Markov always wins his bets!
Hank: Don’t feel bad Abe, he got me with that same bet.


I guess in their minds…


You arent Zack Zack Pinkie Pie…


I think I play this game to much lol I read those quotes with there voices


New monster is OP? He was just buffed. ^.^


And you post this pre micropatch? Hehehe
Sorry boy


Looks like Trolling, but I’ll bite. Jacob, if you come back, tell us why do you think relay is too fragile? Goal is to kill hunters and monsters you know. Relay is just a backup mechanism if hunters are just avoiding like crazy (or Daisy, just finished a game by killing the relay because all hunters were dead and Daisy was probably stuck somewhere …)


I preorderd Evolve with the season pass and when i play as the Goliath, Kraken or Wraith at level 3 it takes not even a minute I’m a level 29 and it easy i like a challenge and im on xbox one i tried everything to get the rock monster but it doesn’t work i got the new hunters but not the new monster.