Make it a Montage!

It’s a montage…

So you can add visual effects?

You also never need to tag me, especially in my own threads. So please, don’t.

Yes, yes you can.

Shunty here is my submission. I tried making the montage go with the flow of the music and lyrics. It is also to show that all Bobs must rise up! @GoGoGoliath this montage will allow for all Bobs to rise up!

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Giving this a bump.

did you see my montage?

Of course I saw it.

I wonder how the other participates are doing?

I’ve got no clue. I’m hoping more people enter. I can’t do it with just one entry.

but I want to takeover the forums :frowning:

Count me in, but I’ll need time for appropriate clips and editing.
I’ll be aiming for that sweet money.

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Welp… my school term starts tomorrow. Time to rack up all the footage I can and scramble to make a crap montage before tomorrow. Kappa

DUDE @Shunty ASDSADAS IM GONNA DIEEEE. I was recording with Shadowplay in a match (I was Crow). My recording died midway and I couldn’t get it back up. At the end of the match, Goliath managed to down Laz and ran with about a bar and 1/4 of health left. I whittled him down with shots like there’s no tomorrow. Took him about 15 seconds to down Assault and 10 to down Support after, all the while I was pewpewing like a madman. As soon as he turned and leaped towards me I managed to get the final shot and won the match. IT WAS SUPER CLOSE AND I DIDN’T GET IT ON TAPE HUHUHUHUU woulda made a great highlight ;____;

Yeah, that would’ve been great.

Giving another bump.

Bump it up boi!

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it appears I have no competition so far.

I’m still trying to make a montage! I’ve never made a video before in my life using this many clips so it’s taking a while

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Still got 20 some odd days to go. A lot of time.