Make Hunter perk picks viewable by Hunter team


It would greatly help in optimizing perk picks and Hunter picks. Let’s say a medic picks Laz but see’s that his team won’t pick regen. He will now have this information to choose another medic, or to invest into perks that help him heal rather than DPS. If Hunters can see other Hunter picks and use that info then they should also be able to use the info on perk picks.

Another case would be if an assault decides to go Damage increase on all perks. The support and medic would know that the assault is at high risk and would know to protect them better.

Knowing perk picks increases the synergy and teamwork capabilities of the hunters, even with randoms. This is essential at higher level play if you don’t want to get stomped.

Perk picks can be communicated over comms, but this is an unrealistic expectation for randoms. Obviously in casual there isn’t much comms. So I’m asking that you make park picks view-able by the other Hunters.That’s why they need to be shown.