Make hunt 2.0 queue not leavable


Hey everyone how many of you have people quit on you when the timer for the lobby get to 1 sec and you get loaded into the game anyway then have to restart or been waiting along time for a game just to get dodged by the same people over and over I’m a silver expert that gets dodged by sliver skilled and sliver expert cuz we basically play the same people over and over now we only play higher ranked monsters.Is there a way to stop this.


Pardon my asking but, what exactly here is the suggestion?

This is just a question asking how many people experience this and then following it up with another question asking if there is a way to prevent this.

Given that there is no suggestion being made (unless further clarified or added to the OP) I suggest changing the topic to “General”.



Yeah this isn’t a suggestion

@Roy_Coatney sorry but this doesn’t fit in the suggestions category do you mind if I change it to “General”?


You don’t need to ask permission if it is in the wrong category.


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No probably going to get some salt


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There’s already a system for this is play
The player who leaves has to wait like six mins
Although I do admit it’s annoying


Not to mention the point loss whenever you leave. I do believe that once a monster has queued with 4 hunters, there is only like a 15 seconds interval in which you can leave without penalty (both time and point wise).


Not in 2.0 and you can leave in queue on quick play without penalty if you leave in game it gives a penalty.So what I’m saying in hunt 2.0 when you get matched with a monster/team of hunters you shouldn’t be able to just back out.


No if you leave from. Hunt 2.0 game you get a longer penalty than you do in quick play
Im Talking about Xbox one
Not sure about other platforms


Well I guess that shows how much I quit lol had no idea.


Which I’d like to see disappear.


Haha yeah
I on,y quit when I really have to go and I try to make sure it’s at the end of the match :slight_smile:


Yeah I get, I mean, if you are queuing then it means you have time. I would support also that once you are finding a match and it has found a player across the board, you should not leave or feel consequences