Make evolving take longer, but remove armor loss


As a monster main I have to say this: Evolving is too short. There is nothing any hunter team can do about it to punish it. You can come with your yadda yadda, but the simple answer is no. You will not magically fool a high level monster with a mysterious cloak.

You will not time your enemy evolving within a margin of 5 seconds. To be frank the whole process is gimped. You don’t need stealthplay at all due to vastly superior speed compared to the hunters you can just beeline straight for high density food areas and are reliably at 50% to stage 2 when the hunters touch the ground - mind you still a far distance out.

Then I can proceed to eat on the move the last remaining 6-8 meat since touchdown proceed to move further away and press evolve. At worst I will be domed, but even that is a 50/50 at best.

If you are extra smart you will evolve right next to prepared meat and even if you are domed you will still be able to feast up to half armor before anything major happens.

If you do not believe me just play enough until you encounter the top ranked players. The only way they get domed at stage 1 is, because they actually don’t care and rightfully so.

Since getting domed against your will is getting rarer and rarer these days I would suggest to mix this tweak to a basically guaranteed dome unless bad luck or very stealthy play is involved.


Of course, your opinion is great, and thanks for being nice about it unlike others, but I disagree. Cloaking has often landed me and my boys on a monster with a full Evolve clock going. And then…Well.

Against a good Monster, too- as in, really good.


Yeah such a great monster, that he doesn’t check your position before going straight for distance. Thumbs up! :smile:


Can’t “check” my position if I’m cloaked. You make it seem as though it’s impossible to be fooled by cloaked Hunters. Really? Just…Really?


Dumb topic is dumb sound like a butt hurt hunter


I think the cloak up VO can be heard roughly 50m for starters, but yes getting fooled by a cloak is possible if the monster does not wait for positional confirmation on the hunters. For example if I havent seen the hunters the last 30s although I didnt sneak and they should l ong be on me, then that rises suspicion.

Darth I am almost exclusively a monster player, but I care for longterm fun of both sides, which is not given if the monster is at no realistic point weaker than the hunters. After all this is the point right? Catch the monster while it is weaker - ring a bell?

Edit: I am always open to correction though. If you think your strat is viable then gibe me a PM add me and hunt me and we will see the results out of 10/20/30/40. Although a formidable Kraken player would probably be of more use to just never stealth, go straight for high density food area and see how often he iwll be domed stage 1.