Make Evolve F2P

Why not let evolve be a f2p game but dlc are much higher priced since i loved this game so much and I hate it when people said it is an dead game I hate it and i hope this can brought this game back to life I really hope that we can let the others enjoy such wonderful game .I know people that bought the game already may think this is a terrible idea but I really hope evolve can be back like when it is just published the hype the excitement of each match. Thank you

I think it should have lower priced DLCs, even if that meant an increase in game price.


ya but I think that people didn’t buy the game because the think it is not worth it.So why not let it be f2p or just lower the game’s price for alot to attract and reheat the game

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Made the title a bit more descriptive

This is not going to go well…


Not gonna happen.




I know it but as I said I really love this game and I hope and wish it will be back with more players

This is actually the direction I thought they would go however considering the amount of grief the game got for the dlc in the first place I don’t know if this would be the right way to go

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Yeah, but sadly if turning f2p didn’t raise the playerbase for more than a month I would consider it a flop and they need money from somewhere… People are already complaining at games cashgrabs… :confused:

This has been discussed time and time again. With the Ultimate Edition coming out, its not likely that Evolve will be going f2p anytime soon.


The game is already being sold for $30 and less, the DLC is basically like buying the game. Only reason the game has such a low population is the insane amount of misinformation and false reviews on the game at launch.

The game won’t be going F2P. Simple as that.


It would help the game in the future if they are not doing a sequel,

That’s not a guarantee.

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No it wouldn’t. It may, but it is highly unlikely.

Iunno. I mean, they did intentionally build the game to allow it to function as a free-to-play, which they were suggested by THQ.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to go free-to-play as an absolute last solution to try and save the game. Here’s hoping it won’t be necessary.

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As an absolute last solution, yeah, but it won’t be happening until the playerbase is lower than say 100.

Id be all for a free to play model.

I would NOT be ok with the core game being offered completely free.

If the game WAS to go f2p, id like to see f2p users have NO permanent access to -any- characters. Instead permit them 1 character per slot that rotates periodically “Ok, this week/month/whatever” you get “markov/maggie/hank/val/goliath”. Next month you get…


Give them a completely random character in whatever slot they take up- Much like how bots are selected.

If they like a particular character and want permanent access to it, they can buy it- Individually, or as a package as with t4 and 5.

Id also wager that people who own the core game (or have at least bought some content), shouhld get “first dibs” on picking classes- Witha brief window for them to pick the class they want (and, you know, paid for), with freebies getting to pick the left over classes.

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f2p 100% not gonna happen

People only say it should have been f2p all along because yes, the marketing strategy was total crap from the start as everyone knows

To turn this game into a f2p title will end in new players who don’t really care about the game. I’m speaking of flamers, leavers and worse people.

This is the only f2p-systhem that may work. :point_up:
4 hunters and one monster for free each week or 2 weeks. People can buy hunters for 5 eu, monsters for 10 (sry dont know how many $) and can get the hunters and monsters for free, if they are playing a lot. Its the same way MOBA`s get selled.