Make Corpses Float


Lazarus is useless enough without corpses sinking to the bottom of the river. Make them float so that they can be picked up.


Agree. Wait the monster can eat corpses in the water right?


The monster can yeah


Alright sticking with agree.


Yeah, I agree. Too many people can’t play Lazarus already. Water ruins it for everyone.


They also have to fix bodies getting pumbled under the map, another thing that makes lazarus useless too many inconsistencies to play him seriously, casually however he is a ball of fun.


As a main monster player, I’ve already though of this and whenever I see a Laz go for the body and he’s having trouble with the rez because of it, I’ll leave him alone because it isn’t really fair for him after I killed the other 2 hunters when he should’ve gotten the revive but couldn’t because of a water level.


The Lazarus Device should let Laz phase out of existence to fly out of the map to pick up those bodies that have fallen through it.

TRS, make it happen!


Strangely enough, Lazarus can actually revive people who die in deep water. You need to hover over them with the jetpack and then revive them with the glove. Tricky to pull of, but it can be done.

Too bad that some deep waters (The sea at Distillery for instance) instantly destroys the body for some reason.


Im aware of the hover however its more or less impossible to pull off in a heated situation where the body is at the bottom of the river and a monster is quickly closing in. You have to be extremely close to the water surface in many occassions in order to do this and its just absurd how difficult or impossible it becomes to revive somebody in a situation like that.

If the corpse floated then you could actually revive them using the hover method. As is currently its extremely difficult to do.


Hovering while using the Laz device is not hard, but if the body sink deep enough it will be out of range.
So, yeah. Bodies should float.


Agree with this 100%, great idea. Might end up with a new bug and floating bodies in the sky though :stuck_out_tongue:


It make sense in theory, but has anybody seen any game with such an advanced system where bodies float?

Think about it, the physics system simplifies water as making stuff sink, and that’s it. It doesn’t seem to have a realistic way to tell which material will sink or float.

And IIRC in real life dead bodies don’t immediately float, they sink and eventually float up when they’re decomposed or something, can anyone bring evidence to this point? (please not an actual dead person :p)


Well just thinking quickly Maybe the tech that Lazarus uses doesnt work in water and we just dont know , it is an experimental device :stuck_out_tongue:


we all float down here


Halo 3
10 chars


Would it be stratigial if the Wraith played on Distillery abducted incaped players over the sea.


Well, it’ justified because it’s more of an fps, Evolve has a different scope and is concerned with different physics. Ig doesn’t merit inclusion in the game just to help Lazarus fans, IMHO.


I don’t know how difficult it would be. It might just consist of them copying some Tyrant code and adding it to corpses. If it’s not too difficult, then there isn’t really a reason not to implement it.