Make community events require +50% playtime


for the community events I see a lot of people who seem to either ignore it or play once as that character so that they will get the rewards

So I say why not make it so you have to choose to play as that character over 50% of the time during the weekend to be able to get the new skins
(obviously if you just jump into a match or not playing the event class then it doesn’t effect your ratio)

I think this would be a good incentive for people to not only try the event characters during the weekend but keep playing them during the whole weekend
and by having it as a ratio it means it effects hardcore players and those who may only get 3-4 matches during the weekend equally

so what do you think good idea? bad idea? too difficult to implement?

to clarify I mean 50% playing with the event class so say its an Abe event
so you play 1 match as Abe (even just in custom games) then the rest of the time your either playing another hunter class or monster your trapper ratio is at 100%

I mainly mean this for people who play the challenge class so assault this weekend but have been purposefully not choosing Parnel
if you dont like the challenge class play it once then put it as least preferred and you still get the skins =D


Bad idea I find this unnecessary its fine the way it is to be honest.


I just find it a shame turtlerock gives these events with free skins and during my time playing this weekend I saw 2 maybe 3 Parnels…


I disagree, simply due to them being character specific.
If its a hunter challenge, I don’t like being hunters, so I play monster.
You all need something to shoot right?
Excluding monsters from getting the skin just for not leaving their comfort zone rubs me the wrong way :confused:


Not a big fan, what if you mainly run with a team who takes specific roles? What if the challenge is for trapper but you are designated support? You won’t get the skin. I would however like to see them set it up where if you pick a specific hunter in that class less than 20% of the time, you don’t get the skin. This pushes people to actually play that character more.


I know I just don’t wanna be forced to play that character 50% of my playtime just for some skins. Granted I really want the skins :stuck_out_tongue: . I’m a mostly monster player anyways.


sorry I’ve edited it now since I wasn’t very clear

I did mean only within that class as you said
so if the challenge is for trapper and your support no worries but if you are trapper and you dont choose the challenge character then it effects your ratio

as you say would push people to play the character more and maybe enough to cover learning curve if they had been having difficulties =)


Negative. This is not a good idea and would not work. If you want to keep the event character ratio played 1:1 as other characters, consider hunters have 4 members. All want to play parnell(most recent example). We will keep the monster player as only monster for now. That means you have a 1 and 4 chance of being assault. If you say in the game for 4 rounds, and every hunter has assault as main. Then you are playing a ratio of 1:3 just based off of matchmaking alone. So you would inadvertently be making people quit games to make the ratio for your skins.

I say just accept that it is a nice gesture to let everyone get the skin for playing, including all the monsters that got shot in the face for your damn skin. Even if they did not play Parnell, they may have healed him, shielded him, trapped a monster for him or even let him shoot them in the face. It all plays a part in the big picture.

Edit, even with the ratio for class restriction you added, it still is not looking at the large picture.


Yeah these events are supposed to bring the community together, and all the ideas I’m seeing like this just serve to make them even more divisive. No thanks.


yeah sorry I wasn’t very clear Ive edited it is it better now?

I just meant for the ratio to only count within the challenge so for this weekend how many times you picked Parnell vs other Assault (even if you only played 1 game as assault)
so whenever your not playing assault it doesn’t matter so you can eat all the hunters worry free


Dont like the idea


What about the people who don’t pick the character so they don’t hold the community back.
So instead acts as one of the other classes to help.
or plays as a monster and lets the people get the skins.
I’m helping to.
Should I not get skins If my brohemoth opens his giant belly for target practice???
I just see flawed logic. I agree we need more incentive to be involed but this isn’t it.