Make Chloe a hunter


I have been watching a lot of video and streams online (EVOLVE IS TOP 10 BITCHES!) and I am just loving what I’ve been watching, what I am really loving is how badass the game feels with our Queen and Savior @Chloe Skew going full English on us as the announcer. Which no offense to a certain somebody is loads way more better and awesome than Caira announcing on Arena. :smiley:

I think I would just darn right love it if Chloe was also a hunter in the game. :joy: Not necessarily getting her own character model, simply just reusing the character models the Colonist or Ebonstar Ally would be just as awesome!
TRS can think the rest for the abilities and what not. XD


I would love to see like, four of the Devs just Mary Sue the shit out of a hunter tier. I’d actually thought about this before.

Shane could be the Medic.
Chris Ashton could be the Support.
Chloe could be the Trapper.
Phil Robb could be the Assault.

And that Asian dude who got choked out by Chuck Norris could be the monster!


I always had the idea that Shane was the trapper. XD

I think you mean Jason. Yeah he’s pretty badass and just as bae. Would love to see him more.


OMG look what I found!