Make challenge skins DLC


Because they repeat challenges. If not enough people pay so what we don’t get the skin. Simple as that.


Alright, to put this to rest. No, challenge skins are challenge skins. They are not DLC skins and will not be sold as such. If you wish to get a challenge skin then go and play in the challenge because here’s the magic of it.

  1. TRS repeats challenges. If you miss it, it is very plausible at some point in the future it will be redone.

  2. TRS stages the challenges on Friday through Sunday. What job has you work 24 hours a day for three days in a row and on a weekend no less, I’ll never know.

  3. To get a Challenge skin you must participate and by that you must play a single game during the timeframe. That means any match counts. A five minute match counts or a 40 minute match counts. Either way, you’ll get the skin.

Seriously, challenge skins are the easiest thing to get. You start the game, play one match, and if it succeeds to get the skin, if it fails no one gets the skin, and if you don’t participate then you do not deserve the skin. The community works as a whole to get the challenge completed, those who did not help in any way should not get the skin. Its unfortunate that those people might not have gotten it for personal reasons but it’s fair.

Everyone has the same chance to get the skins as anyone else. Making challenge skins as DLC will just further devalue them and give it to those who did absolutely nothing in terms of helping the community achieve the goal.


I’m sure there are some acceptions such as holiday visists with family and you can’t play, idk this was just a suggestion and I think TRS could benifit a lot. Me personally I just want the voodoo skins because I wasn’t playing the game at the time of when voodoo skin challenges were around. Sorry if this suggestion is that big of a deal


I’m sorry if I came off in such a way that makes it seem like it’s a bad idea, it’s not. While I love the idea itself I don’t entirely support it. I for one would love for people to get skins like the Voodoo, Bloodrock, Infinity, etc.

However I have no control over that. Personally, those that didn’t participate don’t get the skin for the obvious reason of they didn’t help but for newcomers who never had a chance or returning players I feel bad for them. I love the suggestion and personally, do wish they would consider it at the very least, I just also understand why it cannot/should not be done.

I agree with you on

Also welcome to the community and game in general! I am truly sorry if I did come off in an offensive manner and there’s no need to apologize, I came off a bit too strongly. :sweat_smile:

The main point of my reply was to break up the bickering between the two of them, again, I sincerely apologize if I made you feel like your idea is a bad one.


Haha thank you, I actually didn’t introduce myself to the community in a very nice way because I was extremely angry over the 8.0 sunny nerf and raged a little bit to the regulars… That aside its no problem I was just giving a suggestion if people don’t think its a fair idea to offer challenge skins as DLC its no problem :smile:

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Well it’s always nice to see new faces in the community! I hope you enjoy your stay here, and I’m not sure if you’ve been given it already but incase you haven’t much of what is good to know for the forums can be found here:

I hope more discussion can happen here and less arguing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I would think for a lot of us, that’s not exactly how we see it. Yes, its for free, but we earned it by completing the challenge. We actually did something to help reach the goal. People were already worry some about the gold skins being given away. I really hope TRS doesnt make them available to be paid for. It defeats the whole purpose of the challenge.


And again, those of us who don’t have time to play every single day would appreciate the OPTION of being able to buy it for a buck or two.

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Every single day? And for what reason? I’m pretty sure you have AT MOST one hour of complete free time on the weekends. Use that one hour of free time to get maybe two or three matches in. It isn’t that hard and the option of having them be available to be paid for is unnecessary in every way.


But it takes roughly six minutes to qualify for the challenge skin if it’s awarded. It’s not necessary to play every day. Almost everyone has ten minutes to spare at one point for the duration of those three days. Winning or losing the match doesn’t matter. How well you do or how much you contribute doesn’t matter. Anything gets it for you if everyone gets it. A job is not an excuse with as much time off as you would have.

If someone misses for holiday reasons, I do feel bad for the person, but they did not contribute. They have another chance to get it next time it rolls around. I’m still waiting for the Voodoo skins to come back around because I missed every one of those for joining the forums late and simply not knowing.

To make them available for purchase is kind of pointless because why not just buy them and avoid having to grind out that effort to earn it? It also makes the effort we put in for past skins not worth it because it’s giving it to people that did not work for it. People who don’t contribute don’t get the same privileges. It’s fair.


I kind of despise the gold skins and challenge skins in general ever since some people said they didn’t want to friend me because I didn’t have the gold skins, a bunch of stubborn arses they were.


I think they were checking to see if you were a day 1 evolve player, or very early evolve player. I didn’t find out about the game until July so I didn’t receive Goliaths gold skin ^.^

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well, i agree. those people are arses

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U get the skin for free, that’s the point of the challenge where else u would have to pay for it


Did turtlerock say this?


The original post was about buying challenge skins. so remember to read the post before commenting please :smiley:


I think skins that we didn’t get (like the Wasteland Maggie skin from her challenge) should be in the store.


Wasteland Maggie Skins = Original Maggie Skins, FYI.

Adding challenge skins to the store is a bad idea. If the community fails a challenge, then we pay the consequences and have to wait until the next time that skin is up for grabs.


As @10shredder00 stated, you only need to complete a single game during the time period to be eligible for getting the skin should the community pass the challenge. The skins were called “Challenge skins” for a very good reason, and there is a good reason for them being new skins that are not in the Evolve store. That is to encourage people to participate in the challenges. If you could buy them, how many people would bother with the challenge? People would think “Oh well, we could just buy it, it’s not that expensive”.

You literally just need to turn on Evolve and play one online game of quickplay with either the hunter or monster side (doesn’t need to be using the character that’s in the challenge), and that’s all. A game in quickplay doesn’t usually last that long. If you miss the opportunity, there will be future opportunities. If you want to know about any challenges there are multiple ways.

  1. Check out the TRS Thursday livestreams
  2. Check the TRS forums
  3. Around Friday-Saturday, check on as they will have a page for any current challenges that are going on.

Fair is a matter of perspective.

To me, the skins in question are a community reward.

To me, itd be -unfair- to offer them to people who did not participate in the event that they were rewarded for.

To me, itd be like going “I really wanted to enter that bowling competition, but i couldnt because of my job. So they should let me buy the trophy the winners got”.

To me, rewards should stay as just that, rewards.