Make challenge skins DLC


Challenge skins are an amazing idea for the game because they offer extra challenges to the game and give rewards just for completing a goal, but I think that if you missed the challenge / did not participate in the challenge (yet the skin was still rewarded) I believe you should be able to buy the skin in the store. Not only will this encourage more participation in the game’s challenges but will also make more money for the game in general. A lot of the skins that TRS creates are beautiful and when they are put as challenge skins a lot of people could miss the opportunity to get these skins which took time and effort to create. Just a suggestion :smile:


Then what’s the point in doing the challenge. You either participate or you don’t get the skin simple as that.


all challenge skins will NOT be added to the store. they were specifically made for the challenges. they are free and they will show up multiple times


When has a challenge skin been repeated? I’ve never seen one offered twice. But I think adding them to the store for like 99 cents would be a great idea. Play the challenge, get the skin for free, or you can buy it later for a buck. That way if you’re busy with work or another game and can’t play every single challenge, you don’t get screwed out of those skins.


bloodrock behemoth was done twice, gold kraken, gold wraith, and i believe a couple others were done twice


I’ve never seen the Bloodrock Behemoth. I missed out on a lot of those skins when my work schedule was changed to weekends. Which is exactly why I’d love for them to be added to the store. People have jobs and lives, why shouldn’t we get an opportunity to get a skin that we’d like just because we were legitimately busy?


Always seem to me that people feel they deserve these challenge skins even though they didn’t participate. Seems like a sense of entitlement to me. Be lucky they’ve given you another chance to even get the skin I’d say.


that was entirely uncalled for. Even i have a job and i think they should continue with it. even i missed several skins/challenges but i dont even have that mindset. i missed a challenge, i’ll wait till next time.


We weren’t even discussing jobs. No you shouldn’t be able to buy it either. Ain’t fair to me who actually participated. FYI I got a job and can still do the challenges on the weekends.


You participated and got it for free. Why do you have such a problem with other people having the option to buy it? It’s completely fair and should be implemented.


Why not do the challenge when they allow you. Why pay when you can save your money and do it for free.


I already answered that question.


What job has you work three days in a row. 24 hours a day just wondering. If you don’t mind my asking.


Because if you miss out on the challenges you can have an option to buy them. Play the challenge and get them for free, or don’t play the challenge and buy them with your own money. What’s so wrong about that?


I don’t work 24 hours a day. But if I’m working a lot, I might not even know about the challenge. Not everybody has time to play the game every single day.


Feels like it would be pretty smart to sell the challenge skins at some point in the future.


People who played it earned the skin. Buying it is ridiculous because if we don’t win the challenge people can still buy the skin. What’s the point of the challenge.


No no no I am saying if you didn’t win the challenge you should not be able to buy it, but if you did win the challenge you should be able to buy it if you missed it. Sorry I forgot to mention that


Because by playing the challenge, you get it for free. And if not enough people play the challenge, it’s not made available at all. But people who missed the challenge should be able to buy it. How hard is this to understand?


Your getting hostile. Also it’s common knowledge that every week they inter switch between community tournament then to community challenge.