Make Caira fun to play = Caira is boring to play

She is just so repetitive to play, lobbing health grenades and night and day everyday of her waking existence.

I want to switch between the health and napalm grenade in between reloads but the switch time is so long and the damage hurts less than when a hunter gives you kisses to death.

just please let’s give Caira something to do a bit.

I really want to like Caira, but she’s just so. how do I say this…? umm…


hmm… Yeah… I’ll just let @moiser battle this one so I can get my beauty sleep. :wink:


I agree and I think Slim is the most fun medic!
Don’t kill me @moiser

Uh oh.
Prepare for paragraph long rant from @moiser and the built up rage included.


Slim is my fave.

There, more fuel for the fire!

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This is why Caira is my worst hunter…

Can’t wait to see what @moiser has to say about this

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Slim>Laz>Val>T5 Medic>Mammoth Bird> Caira

All the fuel

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Moiser will be like:



You forgot glaciopode. That’s what they’re called right? The poop bugs?

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Yup. That them.

I like her a bunch and find her very fun to play.


I find she’s my favorite hunter. Fun to listen to and fun to play as her.

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I think the only issue with her, fun-wise, is that the Speed Boost is boooooooooring. :stuck_out_tongue: I rarely use it, it’s not much fun…I think the cooldown should be drastically reduced to like ten seconds, as well as the duration, to about five. Let her use it repeatedly, I think it’d add a lot more fun to playing Caira without touching her balance.


@moiser you alive?

I think 5 tags are enough for poor Moiser lol

@Moiser Come defend your lady. You’re a horrible person. If I needed help and @Shin was tagged fifty times he’d be there.


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Caira is the most fun medic to play.
And the best. :caira_cute:

She needs a buff on napalm grenades tho.

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Napalm is fun to fire for some reason. I love the sound it makes…

But it’s weak af. 10% more damage and I’ll be happy.

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