Make Cabot's amplifier a bit more self sufficient


toilethought on how to make Cabot more user friendly.

Why not let him do a little bit of damage when he amps the monster, so that he won’t be completely useless when he pulls it out and the assault is not doing enough damage by himself.

Similar to how the armor reducer works, this way Cabot can be helpful to the team no matter what he’s going and it will more importantly show the monster’s healthbar and icon for the whole team.

Please be kind with the replies, I’m a noob who just wants a character to be a little useful. Also Dust Tag is awesome.


I feel like Cabot is already helpful to the team, the only problem with executing a comp with Cabot in is that you don’t have as much defensive potential as you would with say a Hank on the team.
Cabot deals ample (haha, get it? amp? I’ll see myself out.) amounts of damage with railcannon in my personal opinion. I feel like putting a damage tick on damage amp is gonna… Eh… They’re gonna have to make it teeny tiny damage initially, because wouldn’t it amp the damage that the damage amp deals?
You get me?


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cabot spelled backwards is tobac

which almost spells tobacco


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i didn’t even know that until i just typed this out. it was so fun.



Liked your post just because of that pun haha


The problem with that idea is that the battery of the Amp doesn’t need to be drained by itself, you’ll only be reducing the damage a good Cabot/Assault are capable of with that.


Cabot only needs some small amount of love on a capacity value here, reload value there, etc. Nothing new.

I believe next patch will be giving him that exact love.


I would love to see even a simple 10dps (*2) on the amp, it’s not like it would impair the damage output, 700 capacity means 70 seconds to drain at that rate, and if it ended faster you would simply have done the damage yourself sooner than the assault, which is still better.

unless you had it going for an entire dome with nobody shooting the monster, but you are probably losing that fight hard.


Cabot players need to know when to deploy the amp and when to coordinate with the assault. I don’t care for a dps on his amp because if his amp isn’t useful at that time to actually amp damage, he is better off on his rail gun


His amp doesn’t need damage because as @ToiletWraith said:


Good Cabots the damage won’t matter, they would get like 150 damage in a game, probably less

This is all about the less good Cabot players, as mediocre players spend much longer on the amp, and are less efficient than the veterans, the difference between a Cabot who can empty the amp in seconds, and one who can’t is staggering


Cabot bot does nothing but spam the amp, even to no effect as last man standing, if it at least did minimal damage that bot would be so much less worthless in most fights. Also giving the amp the ability to break pounce, because nothing is more annoying than the dps getting grabbed and having to wait until someone switches weapons and frees them.

This is strictly a low end buff, one that would have no noticeable effect on good players, but would go a long way to making him more user friendly towards new players.


This is a problem, we shouldn’t be encouraging people to be doing bad things. There is no point just spending all your time on the amp, so anything that reinforces to some people to stay on the amp is a bad design decision IMO.


On the ladder of support ranking, Cabot is 2nd from the bottom for me. The lack of cloaking a medic is what ruins it for me.

The problem with his amp isn’t that it should do stand-alone damage with an assult not doing any damage, but what if it’s doing stand-alone damage WITH a damaging assult AND medic AND trapper.

I’d say he’s fine for now, unless you dislike him like I do. Hank is just more useful with 3 of his weapons impacting combat.


I try to like Cabot but he’s so situational and monster dependant that I feel it’s risky picking him because if the assault dies first your whole game plan is out the window.


If it’s Arena, you could run and wait for sudden death, where he can shoot through walls.

But with behemoth being a popular choice, he isn’t as good as when he came out.


People already use it wrong. And 20 dps is nothing, less than half of Kala’s armor reducer, which is in itself pathetic, so the idea that it rewards poor play is really weak, it would just be less punishing than achieving nothing at all.

The biggest benefit is to the bot, which uses the amp even when it is pointless and can’t learn.


I’d agrue the bot’s AI needs a tweak then, since that would be much more useful than “nothing” dps as you describe it :stuck_out_tongue:


The bot is in a weird spot, if the devs make it not use the amp it becomes a cheaty wallhack bot that can never miss shots due to the nature of railgun, but having it use the amp whenever possible is pointless because it nds up doing nothing more often than not.

I would love a perfect play bot. But Cabot does not lend himself to that type of thing easily.

Amp I feel is far too skill polarizing. If you only pull it out and empty it in a second it deals insane damage, but you need your whole team to be on the ball to make that work, while if your team isn’t great then it becomes a waste of time and may fail to match what you can do simply firing railgun, which I feel hurts Inexperienced Cabot players and randoms far too much.

If the amp did a minimum damage it would help raise the skill floor, but would have minimal effect on his skill ceiling.

We can buff Cabot in any number of ways, tweak this, tweak that, make adjustments, as long as using his amp can achieve “NOTHING”, it will be harsh on teams who don’t need that type of potential weight on them.

They gave Kala minimum level damage so her kit isn’t situationally “useless”, so why can’t the same treatment be applied to older characters.


Kala isn’t suppose to give the team a large amount of hp damage. At max she should do 2-3 bars. Any more and she’d be too op. If you use it with Torvalds mortars, you can slowly chip away at the hp without the monster getting desperate.