Make Bob happy at the beginning of some matches


Spawn randomly ,with at least 5% chance, a cake instead of a carcass at the beginning of the match when a Bob is in game. So we can make Bob happy.


I think this is a fine idea. Provides strategy.



Sugar rush special ability


Actually it’s a random buff for Bob.
The cake actually provides +75% happiness to Bob for the rest of the match.


5% Chance for all monsters to have a cupcake instead would be cool.


Ok, but Bob gets a cake.
As i said in another thread, Bob hates cupcakes.
Bob’s hands do not allow him to remove the paper from the cupcakes.
Bob wants to eat cupcakes without the paper.
So Bob eats cakes.

Edit: important, Bob loves choccolate.


Huh? Wasn’t this in the game already? Maybe this thread is old and the timestamps aren’t displaying correctly.

[quote=“Shaners, post:1, topic:78773”]



  • Sneak audible range made consistent for all monsters
  • Added 10% chance of Monsters eating a cupcake at the start instead of wildlife corpse
  • Fix for no armor glow in character selection screen
  • Removed Herobrine

Heavy Melee Damage

  • Stage 2 increased to 235 (was 225)
  • Stage 3 increased to 250 (was 225)


But Bob can’t eat cupcakes!
Bob is sad.
Bob loves cakes because he can’t remove the paper from the cupcakes.
I want Bob to be happy.




It’s fake, read “*removed herobrine” note… lol


Bob is Lactose Intolerant anyway. Whenever he eats cake he feels horrible unless he eats even more food and the pain stops when he kills the hunters.



No. I know Bob.
Bob isn’t Lactose intolerant.
I know why Bob hates the hunters and why they hunt him.
It’s because Bob wants to eat cakes, not corpses.
The hunters want to kill Bob because he is an innocent monster, different from any other monster.
Bob wants friends, but he has to defend himself.
That’s why Bob has to kill the hunters if he wants to keep eating cakes.


You get that 1 in million chance of cupcakes dropping in murder pits and record Bob eating it instead of a delicious hunter corpse and then I’ll believe you!


Bob hates cupcakes, i know for sure.


But it’s still a cake!

How about a nice muffin?


You do not trust in Bob. That’s why you doubt about him and the cakes.


Bob can’t remove the paper from muffins or cupcakes because of his hands.
And Bob hates to eat paper on his food.
So Bob loves cakes.


Bob supposedly can ‘fix it’ but he can’t fix himself and his bugs.