Make a playlist that has no wraith


It’s just a thought but I know a ton of players that don’t like playing at all when the Wraith is the monster. I really would love to have a playlist where the Wraith couldn’t be chosen. I love everything else about the game but this monster is no fun to play against for me. If other people love it, then great but I think you would find a ton of players in the wraith free playlist.


note the /s.

What I’d want is a playlist that shuffles through all the modes and maps.


Oh, for Christ’s sweet sake.

This is the worst one yet.


Its day two. How about we all take some time to learn how to destroy this monster, rather than exile her.


I totally get if you want to play against the Wraith. I’m just saying I don’t right now. I am having zero fun with it. For the people that love the challenge or think its easy, great! They can play against the Wraith all day and have tons of fun doing that.


Seems legit, but that seems a little specific for a new playlist, doesn’t it?

I’ve had a lot of fun hunting the Wraith, but I understand that not everyone has. How about we wait a week to see how people’s strategies adjust to fight her. Then we can see about balancing after that.


You’re right. Maybe the playlist is a little more “bruiser” focused or something. Smaller maps with the tanky Goliath or something. I dunno.